Your Options for Glazed Windows

Innovation has been at the heart of many of the best architectural designs over the years. Often there is the need to create something functional whilst maintaining an aesthetic design. This has been the reason for so many beautiful period architectures over the centuries such as Tudor Buildings and Art Deco. Many of the features of these designs have lasted the centuries and found themselves in the hearts of a nation. It was no different for the style of window that is Crittall.

The Crittall window is an old style of window made from metal, usually iron or steel. They are mainly single glazed and were fitted originally as the metal was cheap in the days they were being produced. These days metal is much more expensive and we see plastic UPVC being used more often and therefore compromising the design of a building. Many of the Crittall window styles were rather attractive and contributed to some lovely building designs, so it has become important to retain it.

Many of the properties that have crittall window shutters are old and have a lot of character so maintaining that look and feel is important. In fact the House of Parliament and the Tower of London has got this type of window throughout the buildings and many art deco buildings also used this type of window.

Originally Crittall windows were built by Francis Crittall of Braintree in shutters Essex, UK, who used his father’s iron mongery business to fabricate metal products. He started to design and build metal window frames and the business really took off. At its peak he decided to build an entire village to house the workers of his window factory. The company still exists today after many incarnations, moves and buyouts of one method or another.

The need to preserve the look of these fantastic buildings has led to the innovators taking to the design board once again and using modern materials and techniques have improved the performance of these windows so that they are up to modern day standards. Now you can improve your period home so it still retains the look but also has efficient glazing so you don't need to compromise any more to keep the original design.

So Crittall windows are an attractive metal window style which has found itself a place in history and adorns some of the worlds most iconic buildings and can be found in thousands of homes throughout the UK and the rest of the world. In the world of the shutters Hornchurch fitter this is possibly one of the best styles there are!

Your options for glazed windows can include a number of choices to make your home more comfortable and energy efficient. In addition, your home's exterior appearance can be enhanced with a variety of different glazed window decoration styles because the materials for the frames can make your home look newer or you can select secondary glazing to complement your existing windows. When you are contemplating ways to make your energy savings more evident, your options for glazed windows can make a substantial difference that allows you to recoup your investment quicker.

If your home has unique requirements, then it is always a good idea to get advice from installation experts. They will be able to help you choose the right option for your needs and point you towards some of the window glazing enhancements that you may not have been aware of.

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