Stainless Steel Letters For Your Signs

Benefits Of Using Stainless Steel Letters For Your Signs

An important part of a business is marketing; and one of the forms of advertisement is a good sign for your establishment. There are many lettering options for you to choose from for your sign board, where one of them is the use of metal sign letters.

As the name suggests, metal sign letters are sign letters made of different types of metals. The metals used for this form of lettering are usually bronze, aluminum, bronze, brass, copper and stainless steel. These metals are used for lettering in the form of cast metal letters and flat cut metal letters.

Of the lot, aluminum letters are the most commonly used. These aluminum letters come in many finishes that you can choose from. They stand out very well in your office building and will effectively help in your advertising needs.

Make special requests when you place your order

Cast metal letters are usually held in position using studs. These studs can also be used to extend the letters away from the building or the surface of the sign maker Leicester with the help of sign letter mounting spacers. Some installers also use jam nuts with these studs when installing the metal letters so that they can control the mounting offset of the sign letter from the building.

The studs provided with the letters are usually three inches in length; however, if you want anything different in length, it is possible to arrange. Just ensure that you make your request for the new length of the stud when placing orders for your metal letters.

Any other specifications you have to make about your sign can be and should be made at the time of placing of your order. Don't forget to ask for the rates of the wholesale sign supplies, to ensure that it falls within your budget.

It is a well known fact that channel letters are an extremely popular choice when you need to advertise your business using fascinating outdoor signage. This is because they come in a variety of colors, lighting, shapes and sizes that provide spectacular signs for your outdoor business advertising needs.

Channel letters can be seen from a great distance, they are visually pleasing and they work exceedingly well 24 hours a day seven a week with no maintenance cost. You can easily give your business the attention it deserves with wholesale letters because buying in bulk is cost effective and time-saving.

Leading suppliers of wholesale perspex letters are able to supply products that you can cut to design and effectively wire for various effects, if you so desire. A good and efficient supplier of wholesale channel letters is able to offer you fabricated aluminium letters, face-lighted, back-lighted, customized logos, LED, and Neon channel letters.

Advantages of dealing with wholesale channel letters Suppliers: Buying on wholesale prices helps you to save on retail pricing. It's no secret that buying in bulk earns you huge discounts thus helping you to save money. When you buy in wholesale you get free shipping from your wholesale supplier therefore saving on transportation costs. Buying in bulk saves you a lot of time that you would have wasted on shopping for letters.