Important Information About Rugged Mobile Phones And Rugged Smart Watches

Rugged Mobile Phones and Rugged Smart Watches are the new " it " word in the world of smart technology. So many advances have been made in creating devices that can basically think for us on many levels. However, these devices often do not stand up to harsh wearing conditions. Dropping, water spills, scratched surfaces and breaking of the LED screens are all problems that most smart device users face constantly. However, a new wave of smart devices such as Rugged Mobile Phones and Rugged Smart Watches are helping us to use these devices in tough conditions.

Rugged Mobile Phones.

The ruggedness of these phones are measured in an array of different ways. In fact the calculation of their ability to withstand difficult conditions can be quite hard. But these phones have become necessary, particularly for businesses where employees are working in environments with heavy equipment and tough environments such as engineering, building, mining and surveying. One of the best aspects of Rugged Mobile Phones is that they radically decrease the Total Cost of Ownership ( TCO ). These phones can do the job of a computer at a fraction of the price you would pay for a rugged laptop. There is also the aspect that in computers you find dedicated hardware. Since most of your employees will be familiar with smart phones they will probably not need training on how to use a Rugged Mobile Phone. As opposed to dedicated hardware, these phones provide telephonic, GPS and app functions which can be used virtually anywhere. And then there is the matter of transport. A Rugged Mobile Phone is easy to transport. A rugged computer is much bigger have cameras with barcode screening capability. This can make them invaluable in environments where stock needs to be counted or prices need to be scanned like in factories and warehouses. 

All in all, Rugged Smart Phones are so much more versatile than a general smart phone. and an invaluable tool in the toughest of environments.

Rugged Smart Watches

Rugged Smart Watches have had to adapt quickly to even stay in the market. With smart phones so many people no longer need a watch. But with Rugged Smart Watches the advantages are endless.  Not only do they tell time and date, but they automatically give you weather updates, can calculate distances covered and can even give you GPS coordinates. Rugged Smart Watches have interchangeable lenses that enable you to read the data under any light. Another nifty feature is that they have up to 7 days action time before they need to be recharged. Whilst they are designed to be used with smart phones, they can still tell the time when not connected to your smart phone. However, when a Rugged Smart Phone is coupled with Rugged Smart Watches magical things can happen. All sorts of important information can be sent from one watch to another if they areall connected to the same smart phone. 

The combination of the two items can ensure a work force in a factory or in the field can work in harmony in the toughest of environments.