Meet Jeff Sonnenburg- Prediction Guru, Healer, Philanthropist

Since 1987, Jeffrey D. Sonnenburg, also known as Jeff Sonnenburg, has been involved in offering both personal and professional consultation. In 1987, Tibetan Foundation honored him by proclaiming him an accurate Intuitive and then, he started his annual ten-city tour traveling from New York to Vancouver to Dallies, providing lectures in seminars on intuition. He has also delivered lecture as part of the Spiritual Frontiers Fellowship. He had spent quite a substantial amount of time with Native Americans. He spent time with Lakota Native American and was presented by a chanupa, sacred pipe by a Sundance Warrior

Meetings with Celebrities

He has acted as a valuable consultant to various organizations such as Mobius Society, Fossil Rim, Healing Center, Joyful Balance and Natural Balance; to name a few. He has been blessed enough to spend Dalai Lama, who received Nobel Prize for Peace while staying with Sonnenburg.  Many celebrities like Emmy award-winning producer and also the physician to the Queen of England. One of the senior editors of Random House approached him to write a book, which he politely refused considering the time not ripe yet. Jeff has made predictions in numerous newspaper articles and radio stations.

Success of a noble social initiative

Back in 1994, under the guidance of Sonnenburg an organization was started with volunteer intuitive to help rescue missing kids. The group of intuitive had to gather intuitions. It was a difficult enterprise, but it saw the light of success through the laborious efforts of Sonnenburg. Today it is an organization of over 100 individuals who try to solve a case or two in a week. The volunteers with intuition answer 22 forensic questions, and then their insight is collected. It works through a process designed by Sonnenburg called Quantum Intuition which works with the help of inputs from detectives and other scientific sources. In 1993, he was part of the deep sea recovery mission of finding a sunken ship.

Spiritual Growth

While, still being a part of the intuitive sessions and working as a consultant for organizations like Animagic, Mindplay and Humane Society, he thought of taking out some time for the rejuvenating his own spiritual growth. In between 1995 and 1998, he held many healing energy session where he invited many professional doctors to observe the reactions and results that these sessions had on the patients as well all those present.

Corporate Life

Following the dictates of his mind and the calling of his degrees, he went back to the corporate sector. He worked with Cap Gemini Sogetti, one of the largest consultancy firms. Then he worked for other organizations like Utiliticorp, Sprint, TWA and Kaufman Foundation. Jeff’s integration of intuition with his academic qualification has made him a sought after figure in the world, and there is a wide-spread documentation of his life. Jeff has continued to predict the daily and weekly market which an accuracy of over 80 %. Jeff has always insisted his clients to fill out an evaluation form. According to which he records an accuracy of about 92.5%.