Maintain Your CNC Router?

CNC routers are computer controlled routers. Like any other machine they also need to be maintained for a long lasting life. In this article we will discuss tips about CNC router maintenance.


With regular and proper maintenance, a CNC router can last for several years. One of the most basic things to keep in mind is that this machine creates a lot of mess like metal and wood shavings, dust, etc., while working. If this mess is not cleared for a long time, then it could cause rusting in the router parts. Cleaning the CNC router should be a part of its everyday maintenance activity to lengthen its life. Many metalworking fluids also known as coolants are available, that are used to lubricate the tool and help in the prevention of rust. While using them on the machine it is imperative that, one follows the manufacturer’s rules and recommendations to prevent rust formation on the parts of the machine exposed to coolants. Keep in mind that plain water should never be used as a coolant as it will do more damage than good to your machine.


Many a times the metal shavings get collected in areas of the machine that are inside the enclosure. If they are accumulated for long and get wet, then rusting may start. So, for the places that are heard to reach, extra care should be taken, otherwise it can lead to corrosion of the machine parts. It is advisable that you should set a daily routine for the cleaning of the machine. Mist from the coolant and the dust formed due to cutting can build grim can even damage the painted surfaces of the tool. It is advisable to clean up the machine after each use with a mild degreaser followed by the use of light rust prevention oil.

Apart from the daily cleaning, there are some other CNC router maintenance measures that should be taken monthly, half yearly and annually. They are listed as below:

  • Empty the extraction bin as and when necessary.
  • On a monthly basis inspect the extraction hoses for wear and tear.
  • Check out the oil guide rails and clean them if necessary.
  • Inspect the sacrificial bed and see if any re-skimming is needed there.
  • Check the level of the coolant and refill if necessary.
  • Check the pneumatic connections for leaks and repair if required.
  • All the electrical enclosures should be neat and clean.
  • The belt and pulley assembly should be checked for tightness and integrity.
  • Deep cleaning of the machine parts might be necessary half yearly or annually depending on the work load.

The data on the machine should be backed up from time to time. In order to ensure that there are no software glitches, most CNC routers comes with an in- built maintenance menu that can be used the operator if there is any problem in the router. You can easily recover all the settings by using the import feature. At Advanced Machinery, we help our customers take care of their CNC routers by providing them with the necessary technical and maintenance support whenever they need it. That is why we are the first choice for our customers when it comes to CNC machines and tools. You can protect your CNC router with regular system maintenance and enjoy a problem free routing for several years with our help.

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