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Smile On Birthday

We all love to see sheer joy on children’s faces and we always try to make this magic on special occasion whether it is a birthday party or families get together. In order to make birthday party some appoint clowns or magicians, but the thing that can bring maximum excitement and create lot of fun is nothing but a jumping castles. It is a great creative idea to supply nonstop excitement and fun to the little kids. Wide ranges of jumping castles are available in the markets, which are recognized by their different name such as astro jump, moonwalk, and bouncy castles; but each provides similar excitement to the kids.


Jumping Castles of cheetah and dinosaur are more attractive. Other colorful, impressive and eye appealing castles that keep everlasting memory of your kid’s birthday party are Slide Castles, slide house, House castles, Mr. Crocodile, alligator, three in one castle, Ben ten castles, standard castles, Spiderman castles and princess castles. Jumping castle ensures great magical fun to the little guest and assures thrilled and delightful time to people of all age. Jumping castles Cape Town brings life to your birthday party. There are many renowned jumping castles supplying company in Cape Town who offer free delivery within five kilometers distance. Above five km they take delivery charge depending on the distance.


For jumping castles hire you can contact with these companies who are engaged in supplying a diverse range of inflatable that cater your specific requirements. The companies make all the necessary setup to make you free from any hassle and you can run your kid’s birthday conveniently. They are not only expertise in standard jumping castles but also supply some special types of inflatable like Ball Ponds for toddlers, Treasure Islands combined with slide and jumping-bed, Flat Waterslides, or colorful Kiosks that represent candy-floss, waffle-on-a-stick, popcorn, ice-cream parlor, and Flat Waterslides which if comes without pool can  be sets if it has no Waterslides with pools. Sometimes highly visible colorful castle like Dancing Men is used in corporate promotion.


Before you go for your jumping castle for rent you need to consider some factors incorporated by the  companies. Almost all the companies being family based, they offer service within business hours and no service are allowed on different types of holidays including public holidays; if you need the service on these days you have to make prior contract with them. The jumping castle given for rent is restricted to domestic usage only. For commercial events, concerts or fetes jumping castles Cape Town is the right choice for your kid.


The jumping castles’ setups are usually placed on floors, paving and grass but not allow setting on sand. It is often adorned with helium balloons and a groundsheet is placed on the setup area if the floor is not grassy. Another consideration is the size of the space where the jumping castle would be installed. You need the accurate measurement. Throughout the set up they ensure the safety of the guests and care of the equipment. Adults are not allowed to jump on it Generally jumping castle allows 6 to 8 children not more to jump on the castle at a time to avoid injuries and make it more joyous to all. Any kind of  sharp object, spoppers and treamers shoes, face paints and food are not allowed on it; otherwise vinyl used for jumping castle get stained.