Self Service Kiosk

The Modern Marvel

of Business –

A Self Servicing Kiosk

A Kiosk is one of the most common commercial items of our everyday use. These units are basically terminals that consist of a combination of specialized hardware and software in a custom made metal enclosure. These are outlets that provide information and are used in various purposes such as communication, commerce, entertainment etc.


Of late the potential of Kiosks have spread throughout the marketing world and their efficiency and success have made a number of retailers and organisations invest in them. A Self Service type Kiosk is one of the efficient systems that a business can have that provide information, interaction with the customers and many more to improve a business and save valuable man power. The Software of the Kiosk provides very rich functionality along with the required security concerns that accompany any such transacting terminal. Such software includes everything from the basic user interface to other applications and the system software of the servers and interfacing to all third party systems.


The best thing about the Kiosk software is that it is configurable. These units can accommodate the new services and products and information since a business continues to grow and any such terminal requires constant updating. A Kiosk is a secure terminal that does not allow any user to access anything that is not meant for them. The software is equipped with functions such as transaction logging, audit trails and reporting functionality. A secure login function is provided so that authorised operators can change and modify the content and services of the system.


A Self Service Kiosk offers its customers many privileges. The location can be chosen conveniently which suits both the organisation as well as the customers. Any product range of a business can be efficiently displayed and conveyed by a Kiosk. The software offers various methods of payment to its customers along with the required security arrangements in such transactions. These systems are often multi-lingual which serves a broader range of customers. One of the best things is that queues are greatly reduced. The automated transaction has a much greater speed than its human counterpart. In booking tickets and such places, a kiosk is much more efficient than a human operator. The Business also benefits from reduced operating costs along with increased transactional capacity. A human receptionist to serve the enquiries of customers when replaced by a kiosk not only costs less money but also provides better functionality. A human can err but a machine does not. Subsequently, a human mind can be vulnerable to so many things but a machine isn’t.


This is the age of automation and Kiosks are one of its newest marvels. The number of its advantages is too many to be listed. From the view point of both the consumers and the business organisations a self service type of Kiosk is a prime necessity. Properly programmed Software completely eliminates the need for any human operation. Speed along with better functionality as well as safety makes this much needed replacement for its other counterpart.