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Aladin with Jasmine, Mickey with Minnie, Belle with Beast, Donald with Daisy, all these and more character loveteams have invaded the most “romantic city” to bring the magical world of Walt Disney. Disneyland Paris is not anymore new to the French metropolis. It celebrated its tenth year in 2002 which is already fast approaching its 14th anniversary. In retrospect, Spain was one of the nations in Europe being selected for the construction of a Walt Disney Park. However, the company found out that the said country had an established tourist industry, sympathetic government and good air links. So they opted for Paris because of two major factors, extremely good position and large expanse area. The government in France was also very willing to the make the project worthwhile.

In Disneyland Paris, you will experience the more technologically recent rides such as that of the Pirates of the Caribbean. One of the features that they boast is the addition of the Walt Disney Studios. It may still be small at the very moment but there are now expansion plans on going. The Tower of Terror is a must- try where it has an astonishingly designed freefall lift that is said to draw crowds in Florida’s theme parks. Another excellent reason is the Val D’ Europe, a shopping complex that has a complete hypermarket and outlets of cheap clothes. You can enjoy coach trips to Ascot.

The entire jurisdiction of Disneyland Paris is 138 acres (can you imagine its vastness?). It is divided into five theme lands namely Main Street USA, Frontierland, Adventureland, Fantasyland and Discoveryland. From the smallest detail in conception to the largest construction, everything has its own share of story. You can take coaches to Eurodisney for visiting.

Theme Parks in Disneyland Paris:


Main Street USA is Walt Disney’s ideal small- town of Victorian America. It includes horse- drawn rail cars, old double- decker buses, antique fire engine, keystone- cop style paddy wagon and vintage car which narrate the evolution of transportation means.   From the central plaza, you will move to the Frontierland. It has a live action of musical and visual recreation of America’s Wild West. Chaparall Theater is one of the highlights together with Big Thunder Mountain and Phantom Manor which will probably let your throat swell after screaming. Click here to know about Ascot Ladies day trips


It allows one to explore the mysteries of an island. The Wobbly Barrel is something to look out for, it has a fantastic rope suspension bridge with a maze of dimply lit caves. You will immediately feel a sense of warmth and security in the Fantasyland. Its impeccable sense of design will leave you astounded. If you have children, let them remove the Sword in the Stone which is located between the castle and the gallopers. Discovery land is dedicated to man’s technological achievements and dreams. Its entrance appears to thrust its way upwards from the earth. It is a travel trough space and time as you encounter the works of Jules Verne Leonardo Da Vinci and HG Wells, among others. Get those imaginations ready to soar high as Disneyland Paris is more than prepared to unfold the magic that it brings.