Penis Enlargement Techniques: What Works?

Many men want to increase the size of their penis. They also want to be able to perform better in bed. These things are possible if you know how to choose the correct male sexual enhancement herbs that work. The best ones will use a combination of ingredients that have been proven to increase blood flow to the male sexual organs. That is the way that you will experience longer and thicker erections. It will also improve your control and make you better able to maintain an erection for a longer period of time.


Natural penis enlargement exercises are things that every man needs to look into if he wants to get a bigger penis in the long run. Most men however will opt for more natural methods of enlargement that are available. The success rate of using non-surgical methods to enlarge the penis size is less on average than having surgery, yet the reason for the low success rate is the failure of men to persevere using natural methods as trying to increase your penis size by natural means will take a long time.


There are various creams, pills and supplements that promise a longer penis, too, but all of these products are complete hogwash. None of the ingredients found in these products are actually known or have been proven to bring about penis enlargement, so they clearly will not work. Try not to fall for fancy advertisements and claims of penis enlargement, if they aren't backed up by medical organizations. Doing this will keep you and your money safe.


Without a doubt, there are many penis enlargement exercises making their rounds on the World Wide Web right now - from beginners' exercises to more advanced ones, from sensible ones to more aggressive ones, and even downright harmful ones. So it is important to select the one which is beneficial to you. Penis enlargement coach will help you and guide you better in this matter.


Before jumping into more advanced penis exercises that include clamps, bends and squeezes; it would be best to follow this penis enlargement exercise for beginners for around a month first to maximize your overall gains.


See, going beyond this exercise too early on may result in the opposite of your goals. Sometimes, doing so may even result in over-training and bring about temporary erectile dysfunction.


Also, on your first week of following this penis enlargement exercise for beginners, make sure you take a couple of days off between each workout. Here is the basic routine that you will need to follow every other day:


- 10 minutes of penile warm-ups


- 6 minutes of simple stretches


- 10 minutes of jelqings


Aside from that, make sure you do kegel exercises every other day, as well. Ideally, you should keep increasing your workout's intensity with time, too. After the first month, for example, stretch for 10 minutes and increase your jelqing time to 25 minutes.


On that note, it would also be important to change up your routine as time goes by, so start thinking about the order that you want to do your exercises in. So, make sure you only try it out if you can do the original beginner's routine for several weeks with a strong erection. Only then should you try to increase your routine's intensity. Before starting this exercise one should take advice of penile exercise coach.