Bray Joins Cast Of Pub Quiz

Jonathan Richard Bray, better known as Jonathan Bray is recently in the news due to his association with popular TV series Pub Quiz. The noted actor-director has recently been also awarded the prestigious Best Actor in the directing and talent hunt competition of the NexTV. Born to the academic parents, Bray also had a tryst with football in his college years. He soon recognized his true calling as he found himself completely drawn to the My Mother’s Fleabag, a widely popular name in the arena of comedy troupe. Bray started his acting career on the stage which provided him with a substantial maturity as an actor. Zealous to improvise his acting skills, the young Jonathan Bray joins the famous acting teacher William Esper. He kept performing in both on and off, in a great variation of roles from the Shakespearean characters to the popular dramas. A versatile artist that Bray is, he continues to act in both on stage and television. From a college student to a potential amateur actor to a renowned name in the sphere of acting and directing, Jonathan Bray has got a really impressive and vibrant CV. Since he has moved onto LA, he is seen in the two dozen TV shows and of course, films too.

True West, A Few Good Men, and Julius Caesar are the plays that Jonathan Bray has been casted in noteworthy roles after his base transfer in LA. His other play Sideways has received great acclaim from both the critics as well as the viewers. It is because of this reason this play ran for over 27 full house shows. ABC’s Mans Up and House of Lies are two of the popular TV series where he appeared in the different episodes. And when such a versatile talent has been cast in one of the quirkiest shows in TV, it is bound to create some ripple. The role of Dr. Steve Deutschbock would surely earn this man great accolade in the Pub Quiz. Pub Quiz which also stars a bunch of high profile names like Eddie Pepitone, Josh Sussman, Richard Moll apart from Bray.

Though the matter of the show distribution is yet to be finalized, the news of the casting of Jonathan Bray in the Pub Quiz has already created great deal of enthusiasm among the people all rounds. This series is the brain child of Spencer Willis and Heath Woodlief, the writer and director of the show. The storyline is most likely to be called hilarious in some strange manner. The show focuses on the misadventure of some eminent people from different walks in life who are hell bent on to winning the trivia tournament of the local club. The show is all set to be one of the most watched TV series, as expected by the eager viewers, in the recent times. An intriguing mixture of the quirky dramatization of the idyosyncrasies of the protagonists with some light humour plus star cast, Pub Quiz is surely win over the fans.