school readiness and assessment

School Readiness And

Assessment to Know The

Aptitude Of Your Ward

Schools are functioning in a planned and controlled manner within the framework of the system of formal education. In spite of this system, sometimes it is not possible to obtain the desired outcomes. Owing to some shortcomings in the organizational set up of the schools, our expectations are being frustrated. For this it has become necessary to make a thorough evaluation of school as an institution of formal education. Every child should be given equal attention and proper guidance. This always does not become possible due to the unsuitable teacher pupil ratio in the schools. The school offers some programs which help the students to understand things more clearly.


Examinations are an integral part of formal education. Educational qualification of an individual is determined through the system of examination. It is being noticed that the system of education has become examination centric. Sometimes examinations are actually tests for memory. This helps a lot to acquire the proper knowledge from the education by the students. Education is failing to motivate pupils in developing character. School readiness and assessments test are helping a lot in making the child to gain the full knowledge of what he or she is learning in the class.


In fact the school readiness and assessment has been introduced in every school and also in colleges. By giving these examinations the students are promoted to the next class, if they clear the examination by getting a proper result. Therefore, these test are helping the students a lot for the perfect gain of education.