Do You Know How To Care Your Human Hair Wigs?

Fashion trends change so quickly and then the developing of the hairstyles is also very fast. In this kind of situation, the majority of girls usually went into the Hair salon to do such kind of hairstyle upgrading. However, we could not say that the frequently hair changing will easily do such great damage to beautiful hair. In that case, we recommend with people apply the high quality human hair wigs from our website However, if you want to use wigs better, you need also know detailed information about how to maintain it.

Correspondent suggestions from said malaysian hair also made of real hair so people could choose their daily used cleaning and caring products. The detailed instructions have been listed as follows. First, people should use warm water to thoroughly wet their hair and then put shampoo onto their hair gently. Please do not forces rub it and after totally rinse by clean water, please use hair mask to evenly coat the hair and then wait the hair absorb the nutrition for about 15-20 minutes and then rinse it totally and dry it with a dry towel.

Precautions during human hair wig washing could be listed as follow:

First, the cleaning action should be as gentle as enough. Otherwise the hair will be easily broken.

Second, if the hair wig is long hair style, please firstly comb it smooth hair to avoid tearing and hair knotting.

Thirdly, during the washing period, the wig need to be turned over to prevent hair drill opposite.

Fourthly, each time washing and cleaning should be assisted by hair conditioner or hair mask to do such conservation so the hair can be kept softness and gloss.

Fifthly, human hair wig cleaning should not be too often. If you should wear it during each day, we recommend you clean it once after wearing for 7-15 days during summer day. For winter season, the washing time should be 15-30 days.

If you purchase high quality human hair wigs from, please carefully remember all factors above.


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