fungal foot infection

Fungal Foot Infection

Can Be Very Harmful

If Not Treated

Player's foot or Tinea pedis is an infection in the skin of the feet by a growth, regularly of the family Trichophyton. The infection is usually restricted to the feet; however the same sort of infection can likewise spread to other body zones, for instance the crotch.


fungal foot infection gives whitish layers looking like powder or like small chips upon the skin, and the influenced regions will be tingling. The skin can peel or the drops can scale off and in this way likewise cause splits or bruises. The skin can likewise get aggravated, red and swollen and once in a while there are rankles.


Frequently the debilitated skin will likewise get tainted by other growths or by microscopic organisms with the goal that intensified or extra indications happen. There might be an allergic response towards the parasite and this response can influence different territories of the skin than the site of the infection and reason manifestations of irritation and rankles likewise there, for instance in the hands.


The fungal foot infection usually starts between the peripheral toes, the fourth and fifth ones. From the site of starting point the infection can spread to different ranges of the foot, for instance over a few toes and the heels. In some cases the infection spread under the nails and into the nails. Influenced nails will get thicker, discoloured and weak. Competitor's foot might be confused for different sorts of infection in the foot skin, for instance foot ringworm brought about by different sorts of parasitic parasites. Ringworm causes thick round or ring-formed sores.