Hair Transplant In Pakistan For A Younger You

Hair Transplant In Pakistan For A Younger You

Human hair is more than just a protective layer on the scalp, but they are the ones that add to your beauty. As the age passes, they begin to thin out as they fall, and the growth hormones cannot replenish the loss. At one stage, a bald point is formed. Baldness is more common in men than in women. It gives you an appearance that is beyond your age. As baldness is considered a sign of aging, no one believes in your real age. When you are looking into the mirror, the only wish that comes yup is to regain hair. However, all the oils and potions are tried and tested, and none of them yielded results.

Surgical procedures can graft the hair follicles back t your bald area and are there for quite some time. The older method used to take away a microscopic strip from the hair follicle and treat it with silver; the follicles were then separated and grafted into the skin of the affected area. With the advent of Fue hair transplant in Pakistan, the process has become easy. Now the hair follicles are taken out individually from the donor without any incision and placed at the bald spot.

When the process goes on the patients are under the influence of local anesthesia and cannot feel the pain. The procedure is carried out with all the regulations, and not all the surgeons can perform it. The process of Hair transplant surgery Pakistan demands expertise.  After the procedure patient can experience mild swelling or redness near the spot. You can refer your doctor for pain killers if at all required. The mild headache is a result of a minor incision made while grafting the follicle. Surgeons prescribe some precautions after the process and following them perfectly is necessary to complete pain relief.

Though women do not have a tendency to go bald but hair thinning is a common issue. Changes in hormone, pregnancy and age are some of the factors behind it. When you go to Female hair transplant Pakistan it brings back your beauty. The transplant looks natural not only because it uses natural material, and not a synthetic fiber but the surgeons follow the old hairline to graft the new structure. Before going for the procedure ensure that the hair in the donor is of good quality and adequate in supply. A thinner donor hair will result in thin hair structure.

When you are looking for the bald spot, most of it remains in the front of the head. The back of the head is ever filled with hair. When you are going for Hair transplant in Pakistan, the back hair follicles are transplanted to the front. The new structure is similar to the old one as it is taken out of your scalp and placed in another location in the scalp. The tiny incisions without any trauma replace your follicles. The follicle at the back is denser so a particular area will yield more when compared to other parts of the scalp.