Window Replacement

How Window Replacement Can Improve Your Property's Energy Performance

You are looking for a nice looking exterior to your home that matches and blends. If the garage door looks out of place it will be the first thing someone sees when they pull up to your home, and that most likely will not be a good thing when trying to sell your home.

London weather has earned a rather notorious reputation for being incredibly rainy. But the truth is that, at 583 millimetres of rain per year, this city actually experiences less rain than many other cities in the UK, including windows Birmingham (662), Cardiff (1061), Manchester (810), and York (729).

While the amount of rain experienced annually is surprisingly low, London still has earned its reputation as a place that is constancy wet, as it experiences rain on a very frequent basis. In fact, it usually rains around 106 days out of the year, especially during the fall and early winter. This is also when temperatures drop drastically, which means ice, which can spell disaster to buildings' structures.

The reason that water is such a destructive force to many buildings is because it doesn't stay outside the structure, where you want it to be. Older buildings that are made with old-fashioned materials, like wood, as well as metals that are not treated to prevent rust, are particularly vulnerable. Water seeps into these materials, including wood, stone, and concrete structure, and as it does so, it changes from solid ice back to a liquid as temperatures fluctuate from cold to mild to warm. It is this process of expanding and contracting, combined with the salt that is naturally occurring in the rainwater, that can cause serious deterioration of the building's foundation over the long term.

What Can You Do To Protect Your Buildings?

The easiest thing you can do to protect your buildings is to make sure that windows and doors are watertight. Weather-proofing UPVC doors and windows not only saves money on energy bills, but also goes a long way in the fight against moisture damage.

If parts of your window, including the sash, sill and/or frame, are already damaged by water, it may be time to replace the part or even the overall window double glazing. If your heating or cooling system struggles to create a comfortable indoor climate, it's time to inspect your property's thresholds. Heat can easily pass through single pane or poorly rated glass. When you add up the number of windows in your property, it's easy to see how window replacement can have such a huge impact.

During the summer, heat moves towards cooler areas. So, you'll want glass that is highly resistant to this process. In the winter, the opposite occurs. Warm air inside your home or business will want to move outside. By only installing glass with a high R-value, you'll be able to effectively regulate the temperature in your property and limit waste.

A contractor can advise you on the best materials of conservatories for your property and help you determine just how effective window replacement can be. If you have sliding glass doors or a large number of windows and doors, the results could be quite dramatic. If you're serious about reducing energy waste, insulated glass can be quite effective. Windows that feature multiple pieces of glass with an air gap are much better insulators than those that feature a single pane. While this type of threshold is usually more expensive, it's important to include long-term savings in your cost calculation. The extra money you spend on a renovation will reveal itself in lower energy bills. If you consider your home or business to be a long-term investment, it's never wasteful to spend money on effective building materials.