Discover The Secret Mantra To Recover Your Forgotten Computer Password

In today’s computer driven world, it becomes a total devastation if you lose or forget your computer password. It might happen to anyone at any time. So how to get in to your system and do your important jobs in such a situation? The problem may look even bigger if you do not have the reset CD with you. If you can’t log in to the computer then do not feel that everything is lost forever. There are easy solutions available that you need to follow and remember for getting out of such problems.

The easiest way out in the password problem

If you are wondering about how to recover password for accessing your system, then just do not panic and concentrate on this article.  You need to have the following things to solve the problem/

  • A second PC or a laptop
  • A CD or a USB stick
  • Internet connection in the second PC or laptop.


Well, if you have all the above items with you then it will only take you five minutes to solve the problem if you do not want to get entangled in complicated technical processes.


The process at a glance

  • Log in to the second computer and search for Windows Password Reset Software. Once you find it, simply download it in to the system
  • Insert your CD or USB stick into the system and collect the downloaded software from the second system. You need to burn it into your CD or copy it into the USB device.
  • Insert the CD or the USB device containing the software into your computer.
  • Once it is done, the software gives you options to reset the computer password. The detailed process that you need to follow is given as simple instructions by this software. Thus your job is done.


A closer look at the password recovery software

This software is ideal for the use of non-technical people who do not understand complicated technical processes of password recovery. It is workable for all versions of Windows. Once you pay for the software it gets downloaded within seconds thus saving a lot of time in the great emergency. So once your realization says, “I forgot my password”, just down load this savior software and save yourself.


Other methods of password recovery

Well, downloading and applying the password recovery software is definitely handy but that does not mean that there are no other ways to deal with the problem. So need to get frustrated by saying to yourself, “I’m finished because I’ve lost my Windows password”. Here are some other ways to recover your forgotten password.


  • If you have Windows 8 and only if you use Microsoft account to log in to your system, then you can reset your password from any browser. This is because Microsoft manages all its accounts online.
  • Use your password reset disc to get back the password. This is a good idea if you have the disc.
  • Re-install windows if nothing else works out

Therefore losing your system password does not end up the world. There are several solutions available that can fix your problems without any hassles.