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When you Google for web hosting companies, you discover hundreds of companies that provide web hosting solutions, therefore finding a good web hosting partner should not take you long. The important thing is select your website hosting partner with care; the performance of your website heavily depends on the hosting infrastructure it receives. So choose the hosting company that has been around for long, and can be trusted for world-class hosting solutions. is a Bangladesh based domain hosting company that's been in business for over 10 years now and is sure to catch the eyes of many businesses. The company has a good reputation in website hosting in Bangladesh. This domain registration and website hosting company works with the latest technology, and their staff strives to provide the customers with the top-notch technology that they require. Thus, the company constantly improves the technical knowledge and system administration skills of their support without binding themselves to any particular style or technology. They are extremely flexible in determining the best technology and approach for the client's site success, but never compromising on stability and security that the client's application needs.


Domain hosting in Bangladesh has become an industry in itself because of the growing demand of IT services and online business sector. From the times when these services were meant for just designing HTML pages to the times when programming platforms like PHP and ASP are incorporated, web hosting has indeed come a long way and linux webhosting services have become very popular in the web hosting industry because of the features, benefits and lastly, the versatility offered by the software platform.


The biggest advantage provided by Linux hosting is the high level of reliability. The operating system provides space to write critical applications which is of huge importance to organizations. Linux web hosting services are very adaptable to corporate environments and let developers change the coding structure top their comfort. Because of the efficient web server and some robust hardware, Linux webhosting services give users an uptime of up to 99.99 per cent. Also, Linux web hosting services are highly cost efficient and less expensive compared to its counterparts making it very viable. The GPL feature allows lots of variations to be incorporated by web masters and developers.


Good web hosts play a major role to increase the visibility of your website in the online world. The visibility then gets turned into popularity. Due to the popularity, the websites gets the quality visitor from the web market, which ultimately helps in enhancing the business. However, there are certain issues that need to be resolved before relying blindly on any web hosts. Factors like the monetary constraint, the up-time etc. is needed to be analyzed before contracting any of the web hosts. web services is one of the oldest web service provider in Bangladesh offers fast, reliable, simple and affordable web hosting solutions to global as well as Bangladeshi customers. Their web hosting services comprise of technology, uptime and 24x7x365 exclusive customer support. The web hosting packages offered by bizbangladesh web services range from the simple web hosting platforms to the complex server clusters with the best of features and addons. The company offers their hosting services to all sectors, businesses of all sizes as well to the bloggers.