Family Mediation Affect

How Will Family Mediation

Affect My Children?

When couples break up, it can be a devastating and upsetting time for everybody involved. Both sides of the family will feel hurt, angry and possibly guilty. In situations where children are involved, the upset can be particularly poignant and the effects of the situation on a young child’s mind can be devastating. Many people worry about the effects of having to divide up property, finances and time with their children and for that reason can be concerned that going through family mediation might be upsetting for their child.


The fact of the matter is that the process of divorce and their parents splitting up will be extremely painful for any child. Family mediation is not the beginning of the end but instead is the beginning of a new era in which the whole family can move on from the upset of the past and on towards a new situation in which everybody knows the arrangements and can begin to rebuild their lives based on the agreements which have been made during the mediation session.


During family mediation, the wishes and welfare of your children are of the utmost importance to the mediator. They know the seriousness of the situation and will ensure that your child’s welfare is paramount when deciding how to divide finances, property and visitation rules. It is also worth bearing in mind that if the outcome of the mediation session is not something you’re happy with, it is not legally binding. A judge in a family law court, if things should get that far, will take the mediator’s judgement into account but that is not to say that they will ratify it. Even so, mediation breaks down and the dispute ends up in a family law court, showing that you have tried to stick to the arrangements previously agreed jointly in mediation will go a long way to helping your case.


Many parents are unaware of the impact that their divorce or separation has had on their children. As many children tend to keep their emotions to themselves and may understandably be focusing on their own emotional pain — particularly the deep upset concerned with a family break-up — and may understandably be focusing on their own emotional pain, they may be oblivious to just how affected their child has been by the breakdown of their relationship. Many children will pretend things are fine and put a brave face on things either to force themselves into thinking everything is OK or to try and show their parents that they’re fine, knowing how upset their parents are.


It’s a difficult time and judging emotions can be extremely tough, but the family mediation process will help to move things on and shine a light of positivity on an otherwise depressing situation. If you have recently divorced or split up and are struggling to make new arrangements for moving on, you should consider speaking to a family mediator who will help you to move on and come to an agreement with your former partner as to how things should proceed. That way, you and your family — and your children — can move on knowing that arrangements are in place and that everyone knows where they stand, which can be extremely valuable.


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