Hosted Exchange 2010

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How To Get

Enterprise Class Email

Even With

Small Business Budget

All online businesses need the email and collaboration services. These are two most important services to keep the companies running. According to a statistic up to 75% of a company’s intellectual property resides in messaging applications and therefore downtime would cause losses in productivity.


Again small businesses with limited budgets may not have the resources to administrate, maintain and support their messaging solutions. For small companies hosted exchange 2010 is the solution when it comes to taking care of all email needs.


Small businesses have started taking advantage of hosted exchange email solutions due to the cost effectiveness of cloud computing and not long ago this was reserved only for their enterprise counterparts.


Software as a Solution

Small businesses are gradually turning to Software as a Service solution to manage their email bringing mobility to email by giving users the ability to retrieve mail from any computer. Web-based tools allow them to share files, calendars and address books with everyone on the domain and also sync with their personal mobile devices such as Blackberry.


The benefits that hosted exchange can bring about are easy integration into your mobile lifestyle, increased productivity, no administrative burden and no need for dedicated technical personnel.


Small businesses have reported and attributed increased productivity to accessing via Outlook Web Access and wireless messaging from smartphones and sharing calendars, contacts and files. This helps them use their existing IT resources to focus on their core business priorities.


Assured Uptime

Hosted Exchange providers guarantee almost hundred percent uptime making email always available. They also take care of the upgrades and security patches required to keep your network running with minimal email downtime.


A Solution aligned with your business growth

Imagine upgrading your existing exchange environment in your office. It would require purchasing expensive servers and additional hardware or software. On the other hand Hosted Exchange customers need to add one more mailbox on an as and when needed basis resulting in saving costs to the company.


Since most Hosted Exchange 2010 providers charge per user, per month, per mailbox basis you don’t need to worry about depreciation. Most importantly you don’t need to hire additional computer engineers to manage exchange which is both complicated and expensive.


Many Hosted Exchange providers offer a management portal that lets your company staff directly manage the environment without being technically familiar. Also your company administrators can set up users, route mails, manage mailbox limits and permissions.


Most staff use smartphones and managing such setups within companies are quite complex. If you have a hosted exchange account you can easily upgrade it to perform real-time synchronization of email with your Smartphone.


Hosted Exchange and ROI

If you have an account with a Hosted Exchange provider you don’t need to spend upfront for infrastructure, hardware, licensing and so on. Hosted exchange email solutions are fully managed by their engineers ensuring your email capabilities are never compromised and always available. Therefore small businesses with limited budgets can easily afford enterprise class email with full functionality and very little administrative burden.


This article is written by Eric Gorndin who is cloud computing expert and technologist based in Toronto. Steve has been a regular author in cloud computing publications and technology journals. He is consultant for services like Hosted Exchange 2010 and Hosted SharePoint 2010.