Top Reasons Why Train Games Online Are Fun And Interactive


Do you love train games? Do you find enjoyment in watching them speed up, or operating them and directing where they go? If you answered yes, then you would find the following games exciting. These are new online flash train games that you might want to check out.


Joe's Minor Adventure begins when Joe, while working in a mining area found gold and riches, but he got robbed. It's up to you to control Joe to get his treasure back! To play the game, you direct Joe's mining cart towards different tracks to chase the thieves, but you have to avoid obstacles such as rocks, broken carts, barricades and trains. Direct Joe to the track with the least obstacles but don't forget to keep an eye on bags of money to gain bonus points. When the game gets too tough for you, you can use abilities such as turning into ghost, slowing time down and smashing objects to get past obstacles.


If you're really a hardcore fan of trains, you would add Railroad Mania to your favorites. This is a very engaging puzzle game. You have to connect two train stations by building tracks. However, the type of train track that you can use is chosen randomly. You have to be able to place the required minimum number of tracks in each level to gain points. Longer tracks give you more scores, and if you can reach the end station, you get a bonus. If you enjoyed both train games, you can look for more games to play online!


The Thomas Train Games online are fun and interactive. The home site of Thomas the Tank Engine opens up as a game and places the visitors on the Island of Sodor. Once there, the game options are Sodor Race, Memory Match, Railway Journey, and Build an Engine. In the Sodor Race, participants can choose to be Thomas, Percy, Bertie, or Duck. The game has you racing against the others that were not picked. This is a simple game where the faster you click, the faster you go. Memory Match has three different levels - easy, medium and difficult. This game involves flipping over cards and matching them up with like cards. When you are right you will hear a choo choo sound.


Railway Journey is about the adventures of an engine. To play, a child is to pick an engine and follow the tracks to the right destination. The engine will sound when the correct path is chosen after the trains travel down the track. Build an Engine is the last one of this series. You can build either Thomas or Duncan. Thomas is at the easy level and Duncan is at a more advanced level. Building an engine is done by dragging the different pieces to the right location. When this is done correctly, it will snap into place. When it is totally completed the engine will drive away. These are the games that are on the USA home page. The UK version has a somewhat different set up. It is geared for older children because the tasks to complete the game are more difficult. No matter what age your child is, there are Thomas Train Games available for them to play and have fun.

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