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Have you been taking life a bit far too seriously and are feeling a bit bogged down? It is a sure sign that you ought to slow down and chill. It is high time you had some fun. If you care to change your life then we are ready to help you. is the place where you can get oodles of funny photos, videos, witty jokes and any other humor based things you can think of. This site is designed to tickle your funny bone and to make sure that you have your share of fun.


Internet entrepreneur and impresario Steve Britton, the brain behind this site shares his thoughts about the site. He says that users today want slightly edgy, humorous, sarcastic and funny content and that’s exactly IHNC is offering to the users.


The source of the content on our site are our users and every day we have lots of funny videos, pictures and other humorous content pouring in from them. Everything on the site is free. You don’t have to pay a dime for anything. We do encourage users to register on the site to be able to post content on the site. Once, you are done with the registration process, you are a part of the IHNC family.


To kick off things and engage users, IHNC has two contests in place on the site. First one is for college students in which they have a chance to can win up to $1000 for their spring semester books.


One just has to register on the site to be eligible for this contest. Starting October 1st, there will be a random lucky draw every 10 days till December 15. The name that will be drawn in the lucky draw will win $1000 for their text books. College students are a big source of the funny content on our site, be it funny videos, pictures or funny captions. Through this contest, we want to show our appreciation for their contribution to the site.


The second contest is a video commercial contest, the winner of which will receive a cash price of $500. To take part in this contest, registered users have to create a hilarious and funny video commercial that will encourage internet users to visit the site. All the entries for the contest will be put up for online voting. The winning video commercial will be the one which receives the maximum number of votes. We have many such contests lined up in coming days. We believe it is a great way of encouraging interaction of the site and increase brand loyalty.


We at, have a simple mission. We want to spread laughter and happiness. We want people to have fun. If we succeed there then, our purpose if fulfilled. One doesn’t have to register on the site to just view the hilarious and funny content. But, if you want to share you funny content on the site, you have to go through a quick and simple one-time registration process. The best thing about registering on IHNC is that it will also make you eligible for taking part in our exciting contests. Visit today and get your dose of laughter. by the Internet entrepreneur Steve Britton is the must visit site to get your daily dose of fun. Register today at and be a part of the coolest community on the internet.