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The first reaction that we all get on hearing that our child has cancer is an impeccable fear of losing the kid forever. But the real story is a bit different now from what we imagine. With the expertise of the Children’s Cancer Recovery Foundation developed by Greg Anderson, the death rates of the children from Cancer have reduced remarkably. So the world does not come to an end now if the cancer gets in your child’s life.


How much widespread is cancer now in the children?

Previous researches show that the major cause of most of the child deaths in the USA is due to cancer. Earlier when people were not much aware of the latest treatments of cancer, the children once detected with the disease were almost left untreated to die. But now with the blessings of Children’s Cancer Recovery, the death rates have reduced wonderfully amongst the children.


The most common type of cancers observed in children

Blood cancer: Most of the children admitted in this foundation are affected with leukemia or blood cancer. It gives rise to abnormal multiplication of blood cells that makes the blood thicker. If the leukocytes get increased abnormally, we call it leukemia. The effective diagnosis, monitoring and chemotherapies of the foundation can ensure the Children's Cancer Recovery Foundation in such cases. Generally, bone marrow transplant, stem cell therapies, blood transfusion is applied in this case to cure the child in the early stage of the disease.


Lung cancer: This is the other type of cancer noticed in the children admitted in the foundation. In most cases, the children are found to have abnormal coughing tendencies and also found to cough out blood. They get immense pains in their chest while coughing. Proper radiation therapies can cure this problem if detected in the right tile.


How does the treatment take place?

 Motivational counseling

The children are motivated with positive vibes so that they get the inner strength to live by conquering death. They are made to understand that the life is beautiful and they have to go a long way in their lives to fulfill their duties. So they have to fight the cancer and be victorious because they are important to their parents and to the world. This motivational exercise gives them the strength to fight the pains of the therapy and so the children’s cancer recovery takes place faster.


Radiation therapies

The cancer affected areas are exposed to UV radiations to burn the cancerous tissues completely. This radiation destroys the cancerous growths and stops them from spreading further in the body. Gradually with repeated applications at regular intervals, the cancerous tissues are completely abolished and the child is recovered completely. This is possible only if the cancer is detected at very early stages.


Chemo Therapies

Similar to the radiation therapies, chemicals toxic to the cancerous growths are pushed intravenously in the children. This also destroys the cancerous tissues. This process is a bit painful because the chemicals are very powerful as they are toxic to the cancerous tissues. The children are seen to become bald with a rapid hair fall in the course of the treatment.


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