Painting Contractors Cape Town

Keep Your House

Safe and Healthy

One of the basic needs of every man is to find a proper home that suits one’s lifestyle. And every proper home needs to be properly looked after. After all a house is a very large entity that has got so many dimensions and each one is needed. Cape Town is a lovely area that has got beautiful spacious areas littered with personal houses. These houses needs to be professionally looked after and there are various services that one must avail so that his house remains healthy over the years.


Painting is one of the basic requirements of any house. For the protection of the basic raw elements as well as for the aesthetic importance almost every house is painted colourfully according to the wishes of the owner. There are so many elements that try to harm and degrade a house. Rain, heat, storms and a good coat of paint helps protects against these forces of nature. The Painting Contractors Cape Town provides various services to look after the houses and any type of commercial or industrial premise. Specialized painting services both internal and external for domestic, commercial as well as industrial entities are provided by these organisations. Roofing services also add to the list of measures that protect your home. Along with that Waterproofing is required for flat roofs, acrylic, flashings etc.


Painters Cape Town are specialists in both interior and exterior paint applications be it your house or a workplace. The staffs of these organisations is experienced enough and will be able to advise on what best suits the requirements of a customer. The aims of these services are to produce the highest quality results that are durable and effective. Precise work at very affordable rates is provided for painting, damp proofing and Roofing services.


The Specialists of these organisations has a level 4 BBEEE status that ensures their efficiency. Domestic Painting by the Painters of Cape Town includes houses, flats, sectional title units, home owner associations, Body corporate etc. These services have the necessary infrastructure and requirements to undertake any kind of painting, damp proofing or roofing project and can complete it successfully at optimized rates for both the consumer and the organisation. Apart from domestic painting projects commercial ones are also undertaken which include Churches, schools, hospitals, office blocks etc.


Apart from Painting jobs, these organisations have the ability to renovate as well as redecorate all roof types for all kinds of purposes. Chromadek and Corrugated Iron roofing is provided that requires layers of protective paint but is durable and long lasting. The Roofing Cape Town services make sure that your roof is protected and it remains so for a long period of time. The Painting Contractors of Cape Town also provides the Waterproofing of your home which is very important for protection against the rains and monsoon weathers. This also includes the damp protection services that are essential to fight the rising damp of a house. Thermal imaging machines are used to pinpoint the affected areas and take necessary action.