Blasio Appointed Gabrielle Fialkoff as the Chair of Inauguration

Few days ago, Bill de Blasio has appointed some of his fancy friends in to his inauguration committee. At the same time, Major of New York has chosen Gabrielle Fialkoff to contribute her valuable services and efforts as the Chair of Inauguration of his office. This great personality is actually a Chief Operating Officer and the President of Haskell Jewels. Prior to this, she has taken the responsibility to act as the Director of Investment Relations in Perry Capital, while financial director for Hilary Clinton Sennate 2000.

Overview of Activities Planned to Do by Fialkoff

After holding her position, Gabrielle Fialkoff will lead the inauguration committee of politics, which would be a star-studded group comprises of 73 different members. In fact, the group has included many film starts and TV stars named as star of ‘Sex and City’ named Sarah Jessica Parker, actor of Boardwalk Empire named Steve Buscemi, start of Dead Man Walking named Susan Sarandon, along with a leading songwriter or a singer named Harry Belafonte and several others.

Since, Fialkoff will play the role of a Chief in Chair of Inauguration for City Mayor; she will make a best possible plan to go for official welcome of the Mayor. The welcoming process starts with the official oath taking or swearing at the midnight of 31st December 2013. In addition, ceremonial swearing of the great personality named Blasio has been scheduled for the coming day. According to the statement delivered by Gabrielle Fialkoff to the official media, “Inauguration and oath taking ceremony will obviously be a celebration to represent entire city of New York”.

Other than making plans for any of the major events, Fialkoff will take the responsibility for overseeing several other small events and celebrations go on for the inauguration of Bill de Blasio in the entire part of the city. In fact, Fialkoff has recently entered into the fashion sector. Prior to this, she has played different roles for leading personalities belonging to different sectors as mentioned before in this article. Even she has hold finance chair during the mayoral campaign of Bill de Blasio.

Bill de Blasio possesses a big committee, which not only possesses large numbers of star powers and celebrity appeals, but also it represents a big diversity, as said by elected Mayor. At the same time, the newly elected Mayor expressed his hopes for bringing the City Hall and New York City together.

According to the statement delivered by Bill de Blasio, “We have got the victory via grassroots; hence, we will schedule our inauguration in the same spirit i.e. inauguration for all people belonging to New York City. We are not only objecting towards bringing of people into the City Hall. Instead, we intend to give an assurance that City Hall remains open for all people belonging to different suburbs and cities of New York. For further details, you have to look over news, reviews and other blogging sites describing about the swearing ceremony and other related events for Blasio.