Evelyn L. Ackah

Ms. Evelyn Ackah was born in Accra, Ghana which is in West Africa. When she was of 5 years old her family shifted to Vancouver and she grew up there. She was not so brilliant student but she was very active in and out of school. She has also played number of sports like soccer, volleyball, floor hockey and track and field. Other than that she joined dance classes, swimming lessons, gymnastics and also sang in the choir, mainly in summer season as her parents want her to be busy somewhere. When she was young she was in the dance troupe in Vancouver that performed all over the province.

Ones she was gone for a dance performance, which was at a major gala honoring young people, it was the major event at that time in Vancouver. That night the young people were receiving the award and jumping on stage, she was very much impressed and motivated by them. At that moment she promised herself that one day I will also reach to the stage for receiving award. She submitted the entries for every category that was eligible for her. There she got some certificates, she reached to the stage but she needs an award so she worked hard in the following years for getting an award. Then she won several awards for different categories and many times she was called on stage. You will find more information on Evelyn Ackah article.

Evelyn Ackah is passionate about the topic immigration law because in it relationships and peoples are included which are deep inside in her personal values.  She also got rewards for having more direct contacts with clients. She was also a business immigration lawyer because of whom she could work with corporations and with the people who make them successful. Evelyn was a partner and co-founder of a specialized boutique HR law firm in Alberta and British Columbia, after that she established her own law firm. People love Evelyn Ackah articles.

Evelyn has received certification as a specialist in citizen and Immigration Law by the law society of Upper Canada (Ontario). She has done graduation from Simon Fraser University with a Bachelor of Arts degree (political science) in the year 1993 the she got the degree of Bachelor of law from the University of British Columbia in the year 1997. Evelyn also supported many women with millions of dollars to move their low income into financial security in her previous role as National Committee member and chair of the Calgary “Women moving women” campaign on behalf of the Canadian women’s foundation. She was also the member of Board of Directors of the Canadian Institute for the Administration of justice.

There are many things to learn about Evelyn Ackah, she believes that if you set clear, precise and measured goal for yourself and dream big- you can often reach your goals. Her life inspires and gives the confident to dream big and work hard. One thing she learns from her life is that, she never accepted the limitations that other place on her – she always followed the path that she set for herself.