An Overview On Jeff Sonnenburg And His Works

Since 1986 jeff sonnenburg has done about 1000 hours a year of personal and professional consulting for a variety of people and businesses. In 1987 Jeff was affirmed as an accurate Intuitive by the Tibetan Foundation and he started an annual ten city tour from New York City to LA from Vancouver to Dallas of instinctive seminars and sessions including for the Spiritual Frontiers Fellowship.

From the year 1988 to 1991 Jeff did lectures and private sessions as a consultant, periodically at the United Nations. In 1988 Jeff invested time training with the Lakota Native Americans and was given a chanupa, sacred pipe, which was a sign of prosperity, friendship and respect. In 1989 Jeff invested time with the Dalai Lama at which time His Holiness won the Nobel Peace Prize.

Starting 1990 Jeff consulted for many sorts of organizations, for example, the Mobius Society, the Healing Center, Fossil Rim, Natural Balance and Joyful Child and many famous people incorporated an Emmy-Award winning maker and the Physician to the Queen of England. In 1991 Jeff was approached by a Senior Editor at Fawcett Books, division of Random House, to compose a book yet Jeff felt it was excessively early. Jeff appeared on various radio stations and in newspaper articles where he regularly made expectations. Jeff always had clients round out an evaluation manifestation of his accuracy of results and maintained an archived 92.5 accuracy rate. In 1993 Jeff started making global and market expectations sent to clients by fax and mail.

From the year 2001 to present times, Jeff was guided to come back to Tucson, Arizona, to help care for his four godchildren. Right up 'til the present time, this is a personally rewarding and satisfying part of his daily life. Throughout this time Jeff also began to develop Childfinders from several dozen to in excess of 200 intuitives encountering the typical organizational jumps and lessons in coordinating such a large network of volunteers helping such a noble cause. Throughout this time Jeff started anticipating and forecasting the daily and week after week markets including the indexes, futures and top stocks said by intellectuals and analysts. He now has almost three years of daily and week by week expectations with an average of in excess of 80% accuracy which is above the statistical 76.5% that is obliged to be significant enough for market timing.

Throughout this time he did many classes in instinct, remote-seeing, aura-sensing, internal survey and healin-vitality work documentation, both online and locally. Throughout this time he also established Globallightworkers, a network of lightworkers from around the globe, now a network of 1100 parts each with their own particular aptitude in distinctive blessings and paths. This gathering is exceptionally active in helping others in many diverse ways from personal balanced backing to classes and gatherings on distinctive topics. The extensive variety of people from distinctive countries, diverse walks in life, male and female, youthful and old, new and accomplished and diverse blessings and paths is fascinating and very amazing.