Green Living Walls - Artificial Green Walls - Green Vertical Wall By VistaGreen

We offer a range of 9 panel styles, 3 of which are fully UV stable UV CERTIFIED ISO 4892-2:2013. VistaGreen is the only manufacturer to offer UV certified options. Hassle free

Our London based team combined their expertise and love of horticulture and inspired design solutions to create the VISTAGREEN artificial foliage panel range. The foliage panels are supplied as standard 1m2 (100cm x 100cm) in size, weighing a light weight 7-10kg each and are manufactured in our European factory. The manufacturing process involves selecting the finest artificial foliages which are attached by hand to high quality steel grid panels in a range of stunning, naturalistic plant compositions. Several UV rated panels and interior fire rated options are available.

We offer a current range of 11 different panels each named after selected UK counties. The names reflect the textures, lush forms and palette of colours reminiscent of these varied vistas and landscapes.

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