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Sunwise blinds are one of the high esteemed organizations which believe in doing business in reliable and honest way. It has been in existence since 1972 and still now is run by the same government doing business with utmost integrity. All these years this establishment has concentrated on its quality products which has formed the basis of its excellent reputation and has led to its trade mark of Sunwise brand. The excellent quality of material and workmanship is guaranteed for tenure of three years but for other products it is guaranteed for one year. During this period they assist without any charge and always stand by their customers and their products for every kind of support that is required.


Sunwise blinds one of the brand names in blinds has enough reputation and earned enough trust in the hearts of many reputed organizations.  The organizations which have become daily customer of Sunwise are Stellenbosch University, tygerberg hospital, spoornet, golden arrow bus and many others. Recently they had a contract with M-Web head office (350 blinds) as well as the building of Price Waterhouse Coopers (420 blinds). In the product satisfaction sunwise comes the first because it can be trusted for its high quality, exceptional value and prompt and reliable service. It also specializes in two types of blinds namely bamboo blinds Cape Town which imparts a natural feel and aesthetic to office, houses or other areas where it is installed and outdoor blinds which covers an entire area mostly against wind and rain.


 Bamboo blinds in Cape Town are made available to public and distributed by the Sunwise. Naturally made with several reeds of bamboo and assembled with high attention to details makes this option of blinds economical as well as durable against time and other outdoor elements. On the other hand for outdoor blinds Cape Town one can choose Acrylic Canvas or Reinforced PVC materials to create an element free outside/inside area all year long.


When it comes to bamboo articles the aesthetic beauty and naturality is enhanced and since bamboo is used for multiple things, they are filled with elegance and natural looks which mesmerizes anyone looking at it. Thus the name of Sunwise bamboo blinds Cape Town and outdoor blinds is totally enlightened by beauty and elegance at reasonable prices with great compatibility and guarantee.


The main advantages of Sunwise  bamboo blinds in cape town is that it is available in several sizes and is adjustable which makes it to choose from other brands in market because of its easily adjustable nature, which adjusts in any room how small or space crunched it is. Whereas the outdoor blinds cape town is completely functional, adaptable and most importantly this product is water repellent. Furthermore it gives an advantage of sun protection from sun affected areas and thus keeps the people cool in summer while they enjoy a view of outside environment from inside. Coupled with this the Sunwise also provide three different operating mechanisms for outdoor blinds namely rope and pulley system, manual crank system and fully automated or remote controlled system. Therefore for bamboo blinds and outdoor blinds a custom-made, locally manufactured and high standards of workmanship one brand speaks louder and that is none other than but sunwise.