Dr. Paul Lubitz-The Most Trusted Dermatologists

Dr. Paul Lubitz is counted among the most experienced and skilled dermatologists. He is a highly educated and well-trained dermatologist having ten years experience in the field. He has an excellent mind that always helped him getting the highest ranks among his fellow students in school as well as college. He is a science graduate with distinction from the McGill University in the year of 1991. He was interested in the field of medicine since his childhood. With this deep interest, he applied for medicine and was selected at Queen’s University located at Ontario in 1992. In this prestigious medical program, he excelled once again and earned his medical degree in 1996. Finally, in 2001 he got his license to practice dermatology after the successful completion of his residency. Being a licensed dermatologist, he is practicing at Bow Valley Dermatology in Canmore General Hospital now. His in-depth knowledge and vast experience have made him an expert in performing an assortment of dermatological treatments ranging from medical dermatology to skin cancer diagnosis and skin enhancement. If you want to learn about Dr. Paul Lubitz, start reading the blogs of one of the most renowned personalities today.

Besides having the experience of over one decade as a successful dermatologist in the field, it is notable that Dr. Paul Lubitz has also around ten years of experience to owe and run his own dermatological clinic. He treats the patient with utmost care and serves them attentively as patient care and education is the most important thing for him. If you want to learn more him, click here to visit. Growing up in Scarborough, he was fond of arts, literature and music as well. Being a brilliant student, he never limited himself to the medicine found in Canada only instead; Dr. Paul Lubitz tried to expose himself to several kinds of medicines. When he was about 10 years of age, he somehow developed the interest in medicine that led him to be a doctor in the beginning of his young age. His curiosity increased so much that he wanted to know about the functioning of other health care systems in different nations. Because of which, he traveled to numerous foreign countries especially third world countries in order to apprehend closely. This gave him a practical experience about a number of medicines as medical student.

Dr. Paul Lubitz journeyed many times to Middle East, Far East, Africa and South America where he strived to assist in developing  medical care and primary health education to the under privileged. In order to gain more information about him, visit this link. He believes that it is his duty to help the needy and serve the patients with as much care and responsibility as possible. Afterwards, he made himself involved in the research in order to find out new and effective methods and means for diagnosing malaria. This keen and experienced dermatologist was awarded by the Prime Minister of Guyana for his contribution in improving the quality of health care in 1995.