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In this particular article, we will talk about easy tips and tricks which will ensure more traffic to any portal under the sun. Of course, you might have heard about a few of them, or even used them to boost traffic. But have you heard about all of them? If you haven’t, then here’s your chance. Get all the options at one place, and explore them one by one to figure out which set will give you maximum returns. It will save you a lot of time, money and energy to do so, and keep you ahead of many paid media campaigns to boost traffic.

The best way of getting more traffic is by using a good search engine to your advantage. Here’s three simple ways to manipulate traffic quickly to your site through a search engine.

  1. Search Engine Optimization is essential. Fill out your pages with appropriate keywords and tags to pull search engine results your way.
  2. Adwords work a lot in giving you more traffic – although it has been critiqued for not coming cheap, difficult to handle, et al, it’s still the fastest way to get more people visiting your portal. Get the pay per click ads along with Google which comes cheap. They bring in a small, but sure amount of selective traffic.
  3. Write unique and interesting content which would appeal to the readers, with an emphasis on the search keywords. It adds your site to a few lists automatically, thanks to the search engines. Make your content attractive enough to get attention from buyers. In case you’re not too sure about writing your own, you need to get expert help.

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There are other ways of getting more hits, but we can’t discuss everything in one single article about how to increase web traffics. However, we hope that you found a few things you might be able to use to improve your site further, get more dedicated traffic faster to your portal. However, this procedure still takes a bit of time.

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