Enjoy New Level Of Gaming Experience Through The Fulldive Head Gear

Enjoy New Level Of Gaming Experience Through The Fulldive Head Gear

Have you heard about the VR or the virtual reality? It is the most interesting and probably the latest and the next level invention that has turned the world upside down. The virtual, that was literally impossible to achieve and could be enjoyed only on screen, can now be controlled, directed, instructed and actually you can be a part of it. Wondering how that is possible? You only need to wear a device called the Fulldive technology head gear.

It is a device that is controlled and instructed by your cognitive communication skills. That is, your brain will control and direct the world that you will be using as a platform for your video gaming experience, app marketing and many other tasks. In fact, creating of the new application as per your requirement will also be extremely easy, now with the help of this new technology.

About the device:

The Fulldive technology head gear is a designed to give you an Augmented Reality Virtual Gaming Experience. As the device is connected and controlled by the smart phone, you will not have to possess any special, out of the world technology or device to control and use it. Whether your smart phone works on the iOS operating system or the android operating system, you will be able to control and instruct the device with the help of this technology.

Just like you had seen it in the anime, where the gaming world was controlled as the real world, it is now possible to implement it in the world of reality. If you think that achieving this next to impossible task would be extremely expensive, you are absolutely mistaken. The device is an extremely affordable virtual reality 3D gaming device, that you can use not only for playing the video games but also for watching videos, browse the internet, create new apps and also to use the camera.

Its features:

Many people, just like you are wondering how this device will look like and how it will be used. But the design of this VR device that runs on the Fulldive technology will have a large screen in front of your eyes that will give you the opportunity to view everything and anything that you desire through the smart phone app, right in front of your eyes.

You only have to wear it on your head and you will be all set to experience the virtual world right in front of your eyes. If you are worried about the weight of the device, you can rest assured that it will absolutely light in weight and extremely easy to wear. Creating a cinematic 3D view will also be easy with this device as there will be a 360 degree viewing opportunity. The mobile virtual reality headset will give you amazing facilities and opportunities for controlling and playing the video games with the instructions from your brain. And it will give you a whole new level of fun.