The Importance of Spirit to Esprit Martial Arts, Marrickville

The Importance of Spirit to Esprit Martial Arts, Marrickville

We have all seen many, many fads and trends come and go. Kickboxing was huge in the late 80’s followed by Taebo in the early 90’s and now we have MMA. All hybrid versions of martial arts and are all great methods of exercise. They have great appeal for a while, and then the popularity drops off as people begin to get bored.

Other than being great forms of fitness and competition, unless they have an inner substance, martial arts spirit, they offer no more than any other sport or gym class. 

Compared to the timeless and ageless lessons of the martial arts, they are merely a watered down version offering a fast track to nowhere that will enhance the ego rather than give you the tools to loosen its grip.

The true lesson of martial arts is timeless and ageless and can be applied to whatever is being taught. This is real martial arts, and anything else is just a version of this truth.

Mindful motion

We train in martial arts, get stronger, fitter and learn how to fight/defend ourselves, but what separates martial arts from the fads and trends discussed above is the ability to be able to control your inner space. This is a very powerful lesson and it enables you to make a clear and precise way to apply your martial arts in everything that you may do. By learning the skill to observe the true self in action, let’s call this martial arts spirit you develop the ability to be calm, patient and in control in all activities.

Leap in awareness

Very few martial arts have made this quantum leap in awareness and have actually successfully integrated this philosophy logically into their system. This is unique to Esprit Martial Arts Marrickville as part of the NorthstarJuJitsu community.

It is interesting to also note that you cannot learn confidence, esteem, self control or any other of the advertised by-products of martial arts training by just learning a gross way of defending yourself. All of your hidden subtle habits and patterns of thinking are too strong. It might work on a superficial level for a while but it won’t last.

The only way to not be affected by your insecurities is not to fight them but rather become the present observer when they arise.  This new way of ‘being in control’ will never leave you. Once you develop the way of being a conscious observer of life you don’t get so caught up in the daily drama. This consciousness will never leave you as you have been elevated above the general humdrum of human ignorance and it makes sense. Developing Martial Arts spirit at Esprit Martial Arts Marrickville, though the ego has its place, you have put it on notice that you will be keeping an eye on it and not believing all that it throws at you.

More than learning how to fight.

As new students come into Esprit Martial Arts Marrickville, they have not yet experienced there can be a new way of living. As trainers it is our responsibility to recognise that we have developed a little further down the line and are more aware of our own limiting behaviours. This enables us to treat all that come into Esprit with a confidence, kindness and respect. Our service to new students and current members is a clear way of seeing our ego, habits and patterns in action. By taking a selfless attitude when dealing with new students will ultimately enhance the quality of our own life experience. How different this is to just learning how to fight…..

What style is best for me?

There are many, many different styles out there… which is great as it gives you choices! We suggest that whatever style you choose should address these key questions:

  • Is it suitable for your physical abilities and constraints, and your desire to become fitter – you will be surprised by what you can achieve – at any age!
  • Are the trainers experienced and reputable? Are they part of a broader network and martial arts lineage?
  • Does the purpose of the training offered meet your needs? The spectrum of classes ranges from niche traditional forms, through to mainstream martial arts (boxing, muaythai, judo, karate, aikido, BJJ) and then MMA focused schools.

About Esprit Martial Arts

Esprit Martial Arts Marrickville teaches martial arts designed for both adults and children of all ages and represents martial arts for everyone. It is a simple, yet effective, self defence system that blends the best moves from all of the successful styles. You will get incredibly fit, have fun and make lifelong friends.

At Esprit Martial Arts Marrickville we understand that beginning training as a student or resuming after a while can be challenging. As martial artists we are committed to helping our studentsontheir martial arts journey, from white belt to black belt and beyond.

We understand that many factors need to be considered before committing to a dojo or school and commencing training. From the very first free lesson our students take away helpful self-defence moves and tips. In three months you’ll be fitter and have learnt the basic self-defence.

If you feel that you would like to:

  • start on a remarkable journey and learn street-smart self-defence from trainers just like you.
  • benefit from a high-energy, high-intensity workout and
  • become more centred and present in everyday life

…then take up our offer of a free introductory class, we cant wait to meet you!

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