The Urgency

The modern times have seen a gigantic leap ahead for design of new tools and accessories for fishing. This discipline is a life sustenance activity apart from being a popular sporting and leisure utilizing event of contemporary times and the enthusiastic consumer is no longer satisfied with primitive kind of gadgets for the purpose. Awareness in this respect is the need of the hour for those concerned.  

The umbrella rig

A fishing rig is a complete assembly arrangement of fishing material and tools featuring from the fishing rod right down through the line, hook and right up to the bait etc. Umbrella Rig is also known as the Alabama Rig. This makes salt water angling convenient like even that in fresh water. Blue fish, bas and other species can be caught using this variety of rig. The appearance is like that of an umbrella and hence this nomenclature.

The jerk bait  

The baits are the luring kind of organisms used to attract the fishes or the catch prior to the trapping. The notable among the baits is the jerkbait. The front runners among these are the Mad bite darting action ones, the break down swim baits with glowing eyes, Madbite sinking jerk bait,  Madbite diving jerkbait, Madbite Humpty Finesse sized jerk bait. Madbite Mad Minnow, Madbite floating jerkbait, Madbite Mind Bender, Madbite Quasi 70, Madbite Quasi 90, Madbite Savvy Shad 65 etc.

The fluorocarbon fishing line

The function of the fishing line is to equip the fishing rig to angle for the catch. It is primarily used for angling. The notable fluorocarbon fishing line being among Berkley Trilene, Kastking world premiere,  Seguar Big ame Premiere, Seaguar Blue Label, Yo-Zuri HD Carbon etc.

  • Fishermen for flies traditionally used this and more recently the bass catchers are also more and more relying on this variety.
  • One remarkable quality of this is the fact that the material is almost invisible to the catch underwater as the refractive index is same that of water. 
  • The material easily sinks in water and hence it is much more predictable to reach the baits on to the deep water targets.
  • It is resistive to abrasion

The Monofilament Line

Monofilament Line is a type of fishing line manufactured from a single fiber which is primarily made out of plastic. More precisely, the raw material for these is the untwisted kind of synthetic fiber like nylon. These are cost effective as the production cost for the same is lower. They also possess a wide range of diameters. This variation imparts different tensile strengths on these products. This serves a huge productive purpose in fishing.

The two notable variants are of dimension 300 plus yards and 500 plus years.Also there are the types KastKing Premium Monofilamet Blue 300 M, Kastking Premium Monofilament Blue  500 M, KastKing premium Monofilament Green 300 M, Kastking Premium Monofilment Green 500 M, KastKing Mono Filament Red 300, kastking monofilament red 500, Kastking monofilament white 300, kastking  monofilament white 500, KK MF Yellow 300, KK MF Yellow 500, Talema 547, Talema 500, Talema super high 500, Talema premium 500, etc.


Be it for professional need or for leisure activity – fishing needs perfection at all level. The correct and appropriate tools and accessories guarantee its success. There should not be any compromise in selecting quality items for this purpose.