Hygiene products Cape Town

The Importance of

Pest Control

Rising Pests are a problem of any house. It is essential to the health of our lives that no pests roam free in our living quarters. It is not only dirty to see insects roaming around a house but they also carry various diseases that may prove a serious hazard to our health.  These unwanted invaders of our house need to be properly exterminated and this process needs to be frequently repeated since these little creatures keep coming back. Proper pest control along with the usage of hygiene products keeps these rodents away and preserves your health and lifestyle.


The Pest Control Cape Town services are reputed to control and exterminate any kinds of pest and rodents in the best possible manner that does not harm the house in any way. The Fumigation of homes is also accompanied with many products that help terminate these annoying creatures. These are basically the Hygiene Products that repels the pests.


The Pest Control of Cape Town includes termination and control of pests for commercial, domestic as well as industrial places. The methods and the chemicals used are non toxic to humans and only harmful to the pests. Assistance is provided according to the requirements and the nature of the pest problem. The fumigation Cape Town services are run by licensed and the most experienced operators. All the process and chemicals and hygiene products of Cape Town are registered with the Department of Agriculture (act 37 of 1947) and are determined safe for human health.


All the pesticides and rodenticides that are used by the Pest Control services of Cape Town are approved by the SABS. All types of pests and rodents such as bed bugs, ant, cockroaches, flies, fish moths, mice, rats Spiders etc are terminated by the fumigation services.  The process begins with the inspection of your house. This is where the experienced operators analyze and determine the location of the pests. Sound advice is given as to how a layman would recognise the signs of pest invasion. After that a quote is provided to completely free your house from these pests that depends on the size of the house and the amount of pest infection. Hygiene products Cape Town are also suggested which would prevent such pest infestation in future.


Fumigation services are offered for all kinds of buildings and houses, be it domestic or industrial. The Pest Control Cape Town services use fumigation as the ultimate step when there is more than usual pest activity detected. Fumigation process includes the usage of the Methyl bromide solution which is the most effective agent against for pests and rodents alike. It is SABS approved and safe for humans and other items of the household. These services that control pests and rodents can be found in the entire Cape Town region. Also fumigation improves the timbre of the furniture since there are many insects like the wood bore which infiltrate and destroy wood over time. Once fumigation is done, proper usage of Hygiene products will ensure that such pest infestation never occur in near future.