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This article will help you apply for UK visas and get ready for the coming tour to the much awaited UK.


There are more than 30 types of unique UK visas that South Africans have the choice to apply for. In order to determine which visa meets the intent, the best thing to do is to enlist your primary and secondary UK visa needs. Call the helpline number provided to discuss the available visa options. As an alternative for further information, you may drop emails at the mentioned email id. In case you have technical queries regarding the visa, call or mail. A Secure Internet connectivity is a must to apply for the UK visa (from) South Africa. It is mandatory for all applications of UK visa for south Africans applications to be lodged in South Africa in order to fill up the online application form. Do note, paper based applications are not accepted. Once an online application has been submitted, a visa appointment can be secured. Your online visa application is just a few clicks away. Please do note: Payment for British visa application is done only on the site: website. No other form of payment of UK visa for South Africans is accepted in South Africa. If you have been asked to make the payment through the MoneyGram you're likely going to be scammed.


VFS is the Visa Facilitation Service and has been given the front of house of the British High Commission. It is the glorified courier service which receives the passports and the visa applications on behalf of the British High Commission. It is essential for the UK Visa for South Africans to understand that they got no bearing about the ultimate outcome of the British visa application approvals. VFS is only responsible to send the applications to Pretoria. It is a common tendency to make the applicants give a second thought to their UK Visa South Africa applications and must not be seriously taken.


The most common question coming to mind is how much will the UK visa, South Africa cost? Well, as mentioned earlier, there are more than 30 different types of UK visa for South Africans. To know how much the British visa application you are willing to apply for will cost, click on the link that guides you about the charges, on the website.


Each British visa application will require a different supporting set of documents. Each applicant of UKVisa South Africa also possesses a separate background, which in turn, has to comply with the Immigration Law specified. Please do note: Further necessary information regarding the UK Visa for South Africans supporting documents may be found on the page: Supporting Documents.


In general the UK visa for South Africans takes 15 days to get issued, after submission with the VFS. For few cases it may require more than 10 days, excluding holidays. But then the question remains where should one fill their British visa application? South Africans ought to first confirm their eligibility, thereafter fill the UK visa for South Africans online application to secure the appointment at an applicant's local VFS. Thereafter applicants have to submit the supporting qualifying documents with the passport individually at the nearest VFS centre.VFS centres are referred to as "Visa Application Centres" by UKBA and are situated around any country. Such UK Visa South Africa Application Centres can operate on any appointment basis. You can gather further information about the Visa Application Centres located in your province. To do so, select the province on clicking on a map or the names provided on the site and get going.