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Mr. Mauriss founded, acquired and managed debt collection firms and has purchased, converted and resold over $7 billion in receivables through portfolio trades with Chase Manhattan Bank, Chemical Bank (now Chase), Marine Midland Bank (now HSBC), Citibank, Bank of New York, Household Credit Services, and American Express.


The new era is the beginning of modern techniques and unique activities. Electronics has been discovered long time back and due to its massive developments, other various developments related to internet and many other technology oriented items. With the mixing of electronics and internet, a new technology has evolved that can be very beneficial to the human society. You must have noticed the various outcomes of a television with its great entertaining and informative ideas and programs. Now the latest craze and need is the internet that has been in the daily life of humans. If you mix the two technologies together then a new technology takes birth that is presented to you by Henry Mauriss.


Innovations of ClearTV


This initiative has been taken up by the network ClearTV. It has launched the television that can avail informative content to people in mass at the various railway platforms and airports. This initiative has been a great success for the network. This program has also benefitted many people along with the audience. Various business people have also availed the advantage of the system. They have put on their advertisements on the tv so that it can be reached out to many people at a single time. This way of advertising has been a great idea and thus this idea is now flourishing in the open market. You can further view henry mauriss profile to check the ideas of the CEO.


With the success of such innovative idea, ClearTV has now also come up with the idea of a new innovation. It is the first ever Multi-Channel Network that has been launched by the network. They have named the program to be TVChannels4u. It can allow you to view various on-line video whatever is there around.


So, you can take ClearTV to be a platform of video viewing where you get videos of all ideas and from many locations. It is said to be having over 200 numbers of partners in programming. In addition to that it has been linked up with almost more than 3000 publishing sites that include, Bing, Yahoo, Ask, and many more. Not only has this you can also follow it on the various social network sited such as twitter and facebook. You can also view and then enjoy the programming on various electronic gadgets such as Samsung smart television and many more other brands such as Sony.  “We have tried to merge education, information and entertainment in one package”, said Henry Mauriss. Read about Henry Mauriss to listen to full quotes.


The programming network is said to be a package of entertainment along with education and also information. It is getting worked out so that the program can be delivered even to the tabs that you have in your hands. An individual with a very busy schedule can have a look at the news and other related informative programs on the network in his free time in a short format.  Again, you can manage to create interest in your children for studies by utilizing the great programming features of the network that also has the option of education. You can click for information to have more detailed information.