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CCTV System

for a Secure City:

Cape Town

Cape Town has launched the creative plan in the city to curb crimes on the streets of this city, aiming simultaneously to make residents a little more aware of the various kinds of crimes that are normally perpetrated in Cape Town. Working with the relevant stakeholders including that of National and the Provincial Government, several NGOs, communities and private sector, a new campaign popular as the ‘City of Cape Town VISION’ (or the CCTV) is heading to incorporate a highly effective, street-ready, innovative approach for the safety and the security within this city centre and a larger metropolitan area.


Why opt for a CCTV cameras Cape Town? A surveillance system is not simply among the best deterrents for the burglars, but also amazing as an early warning along with gathering wonderful evidence to help catch intruders. Linking CCTV systems Cape Town to a house ADSL router may allow you to stream videos to any remote site, for remote cctv viewing by simply using the web browser or the software provided by the company. Ideal for checking on your children’s safety or for the peace of mind on a vacation.


 You must be wondering what happens at night. The highest quality night vision or IR cctvCameras Cape Town are provided which will gift remarkable surveillance footage in the darkest conditions. CCTV systems Cape Town, for the business premises are such that the biggest Stock loss takes place within the company. Installation of security cctv cameras or microphones for remote cctvviewing in the dispatch, receiving areas, cashiers points, stockrooms, entrance/exits to highlight some. This will lower the losses and provide a clear idea of where the stock lies all the time.


Every house or business have certain safety regulations, which if not fully fulfilled, injuries can happen without any knowledge of exactly how. On installing the CCTVsystems, Cape Town the causes of important events will be determined within a few minutes and thus appropriate actions can be taken. Installing the remote CCTV viewing system packed with the high security cctvcameras, Cape Town in the key spots will be among the best house/office management tools.


The CCTV systems Cape Town work closely with a CCTV Camera Cape Town response unit which alerts the members of crime, bylaw infractions, traffic and fires are observed and at the same time supplying the SAPS investigators with a requested footage through a systematic process. The CCTV remote viewing unit is approved as well as totally supported by the DPP, the Department of Public Prosecutions and proof is taken by the judicial system. The public is also going to be familiar with a character known as ‘Vision’: the all-seeing force of the good, who never rests in order to keep the city of Cape Town secure and safe. Vision has identified six types of crime which has been mapped out across this city. The wide range of priorities over a broad area is going to follow, together with the engagement of the citizens in identifying the local safety issues.