Excalibur - A Worthy Contende

Excalibur is a well-established manufacturer of food dehydrators having produced them since 1973 in Sacramento, California. They have an informative website from which you can purchase directly. The website also lists international distributors. Popular shopping sites such as Amazon.com also stock Excalibur Food Dehydrators.

How do the Excalibur models dehydrate food?         

Excalibur dehydrators use a horizontal drying system. The fan-forced, temperature-controlled air is produced at the back of the unit. Air is sucked into the back of the machine where it is heated and then pushed out across each of the trays to dry the food evenly. The food is dehydrated by the warm air removing moisture from the food; this air is then pushed out at the front of the machine.

Good to know

The trays in an Excalibur can be removed. This enables you to dry food items that are taller than the space between the trays. With each purchase you will receive a complimentary dehydration guide.  The trays are dishwasher safe which is helpful when you are frequently dehydrating large quantities. They are also easily cleaned with a damp sponge. The case materials have been FDA approved and the tray screen materials are BPA free.

The manufacturer's website estimates the running cost to average 4 cents an hour. This is very reasonable as the dehydration process can take many hours. Depending on the price and feature-list of specific models some will come with on/off switches and some will not, being switched on and off solely from the power socket. The same applies for timers but an external timer is easy to acquire so this should not impact the machines effectiveness.

Why does Excalibur believe that its dehydrators are the best?

Comparing their square models to the round ones that are also popular in this market, Excalibur say that dehydrating food can take 10 times longer using a round food dehydrator reviews because these models usually come without a fan or thermostat. This requires frequent rotation of the trays.

Round dehydrators can also have the heating element located at the bottom of the unit and this attracts spills and drips during dehydration. As Excalibur dehydrators are manufactured with their fan and heating units at the back, the air is distributed at an even temperature across all of the trays, and the fan and heating elements stay drip-free.

You get what you pay for

Excalibur dehydrators have a very good reputation; you can see this from the many positive reviews on Amazon.com. They have been in the business for 40 years so you can conclude that they must be providing good quality machines.

They are certainly not the cheapest food dehydrators but for those committed to dehydrating food, they should be a very reliable investment. Excalibur has an extensive range of domestic models on offer plus two stainless-steel, commercial models.

Given their excellent reputation and many decades in this market, an Excalibur is a worthy contender when choosing a new food dehydrator ratings. With how the economy is going, everybody wants to save at everything. Prices are hitting sky-high, but that's not a reason to settle for substandard appliances. Buying a food dehydrator will give you a lot of advantages. For instance, it would give you the ability to preserve almost any kind of food and store it for a long time. This is a lot cheaper than buying already preserved foods from the grocery.

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