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Greg Anderson, the founder of the childrens cancer recovery foundation has the mission to abolish cancer from the life of the children. He himself was diagnosed to have lung cancer and he has fought with it for a long time. With this cancer research centre many children have found a new life after going through the effective sessions of treatments. Thus cancer is no longer the beginning of the end in a child’s life.


How much menace is a child cancer spreading in the present era?

Earlier when people were not much exposed to the modern techniques of cancer treatment, this fatal disease had taken away the children from their parents to the lap of death. The number of child deaths in the USA showed that the maximum of it has happened due to cancer in children. But now the story is a bit different. With the presence of the childrens cancer recovery foundation, the death rates have reduced considerably with the effective treatment methods.


What types of cancers have mostly observed in the children below 19 years?

Blood cancer: Records of the cancer research foundation show that most of the cancer affected children admitted here suffer from leukemia or blood cancer. They get abnormal growths of the blood cell counts that make the blood dense. Children get diagnosed with this type of cancer mostly before they see their 20th birthday.  Well monitored chemo therapies, bone marrow transplants, blood transfusions are the commonly used treatment methods to recover from this disease.


Lung cancer: The increasing pollution and continuous exposure to poisonous carbon monoxide might be a chief cause of lung cancer in children although the exact reason for development of any cancer cannot be detected accurately. In this case the children get coughing tendencies that almost take away their breath. They also cough out blood which gives clear indications of cancerous growth. Radiations and chemo therapies are mostly applied to the child in the early stages of the disease.


The method of treatment in the cancer research centre

Mental strength increasing

The children who are affected with the fatal disease hardly understand the importance of life. They can only feel the pain of the disease and want to get out of it. In this situation, these children are counseled professionally to make them realize that they have to co-operate with the doctors that are treating them and they have to tolerate the pain in order to live. They are made to understand that how important their lives are for their parents and they have to fight back the disease and get back to their normal lives with their parents. This gives them the motivation to live which makes their recovery fas



The cancerous tissues are burnt with exposure to radiations. This destroys those toxic cells and also stops the disease from spreading further.


Chemo Therapies

In this case the cancerous cells are destroyed by toxic chemicals that are administered intravenously. These chemicals are extremely powerful and are very painful for the children to tolerate. They often have massive hair fall in reaction to the treatment.

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