Hosted Exchange 2010

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Hosted Exchange

Outlook is undoubtedly the most organized and productive business communication software. Outlook provides features like MailTips and QuickSteps in preventing mistakes and saving time. Outlook allows you to set automatic updates and track the email messages important for you.


You can also protect your communications in the outlook using Information Rights Management (IRM). To summarize, outlook provides you almost all the necessary and luxury features for an effective business communication. With outlook on Hosted Exchange, businesses are able to access the most of these features.


With Outlook on Hosted Exchange, you can manage your email efficiently; collaborate with your team and clients even on the move, share calendars, tasks and get most out of the Outlook. Let’s start from the remote management of email accounts.


Whether you are at office or travelling, hosted exchange 2010 keeps you connected with your Outlook email. This collaboration is just not limited to the email access, but you can easily manage (add, modify or remove) profiles remotely.


We already talked about the automatic updates scheduling you can perform with the Outlook. With Group scheduling view it’s easy to view multiple calendars at the same time.


It’s also possible to look out the available and busy time slots of your invitees. Outlook social connector allows you to observe the social activity of your contacts from the comfort of your inbox.


 You can delegate of sending emails on your behalf and at the same time there are levels of access so that things are always in control.


In case you need to work offline, you can continue that way and later can synchronize your offline and online folders. Mobile synchronization options allow you to push service to BlackBerry, iPhone, or Android phones using BlackBerry (BES) or ActiveSync service.


By using public folders in Outlook and on Microsoft Exchange Servers, you can collect, organize, and share files and Outlook items with others in your organization. This allows you to share, for example, a contact or a task list with a specific person or an entire group.


With Hosted Exchange 2010, you don’t need to invest time and energy in the complete IT cycles i.e. IT procurement, configuration, testing, implementation and other related stuff. In fact the upfront capital expenditure is hugely minimized. You can access all the luxury of business class communication software with economical subscription costs.