7ft Christmas trees

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Is It Time to

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Christmas Tree?

Each year in December, many families go through the hassle of picking out the perfect Christmas tree, bringing it home to drag needles all over the house, stringing lights all around the branches, and then disposing of it two weeks later. Not to mention any fees for someone tying the tree to the roof of your car, or the fee for someone to remove it from your curb side after the Holidays. For many families, the debate of the "real vs. artificial Christmas tree" comes up every year around the same time: Do we really want to go through the same hassle again this year? Do we really want to spend money again this year on a tree that we are going to throw away soon? Do we really have to drag in a messy tree that drops pine needles all over the house? The perfect time to switch to an artificial tree is now.


December is already a hefty expense for most families: all the gifts, X-mas dinner for the whole entire family, or travelling costs. A new Christmas tree and wreath every single year is an avoidable cost. Trees can range anywhere from about $80 to $100, and you can never use them again. Wreaths are another expensive cost that is thrown down the drain when the holidays are over. An artificial tree and wreath is a one-time expense that lasts for years. Artificial trees save you the most stressful part of decorating your tree: the lights. You go through the frustration every year of hanging the lights through every branch, making sure not to miss a spot. One of the biggest perks of owning an artificial is that you never have to hang your own lights since there is so many artificial that comes pre-lit.


Artificial trees are a luxury Christmas trees in that they look real, but without the mess. Say bye-bye to your vacuum cleaner that picks up all those dry pine needles. No more mess in the car from bringing your tree home, no more pine needle trails from the car to your home, and definitely no more mess in the cleanup of your tree. Most potted Christmas trees are broken into portions, so the set-up and storage of your tree is simple and quick. The lights are also ready to go since they are pre-strung around your artificial tree's branches. You will never again have to drag your real tree through the entrance of your front door, causing all kinds of potential damage to the door frame, and to your expensive tree.


This year Westerly Orchids decorated a lovely 7ft Christmas trees with orchid ornaments that is displayed in their showroom which is open to the public. Each orchid is placed in a tube with water to maintain its freshness over the holidays. The variety of colours is magnificent and the lights in the trees make the orchids glow. Also Christmas trees delivered at your home is available. Now, this is something you do not typically see elsewhere around the world. It is truly local. This is what blogging about localism is all about. And, it is a joy to share with you, our friends from all corners of the globe.


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