Jack Cameau Opinion

Jack Cameau Opinion and Report for Distress Signal

Distress signal means a “call for help”. In other words, a distress signal means an internationally for the obtaining help and it is commonly made by using of an audible sound, illumination or visually detected, radio signals, from a distance. It is used by the people who need someone’s help in Emergency like people of the group, aircraft, vehicles or ship. That means those people who are in danger and request for the immediate assistance. Most common words for the distress signal revealed by a well-known author named Jack Cameau include SOS, MAYDAY, PAN-PAN, which are some common words that usually use in some dangers time for the asking for the help.

If you go to read about Jack Cameau, you would understand that the word ‘MAYDAY’ is used by shipping or aircraft field. When someone in the dangers they give a radio signal and say that word Mayday, that word is internationally recognize for the asking for help. The word ‘SOS’ used in the first time by the German Government in radio regulation and this word has shown the sequence of three ditz means ‘S’, the second dash means ‘O’ and third ditz means ‘S’. You will see SOS in the today’s life, like calling for the Emergency just like in the mobile phone has a feature that helps calling in the emergency just press the button and call will forward to the predefine numbers and say that person wants help.

In addition, sailor and pilots use that word for in the dangers situation an alert and asking for help. PAN-PAN means Breakdown an urgent situation in the lower order such as like needs some medical problem, or suddenly mechanical breakdown of the engine. However, in today life cycle that word is no longer use in the officially use for the distress signal. FALGS are the commonly use of the distress signals in the many years. If the ship has no-flags then it is understood that it is distress.  

These distress signals are internationally common words because these words have several languages and nobody knows every word of different language. However, you can expect to develop your familiarity with these words by choosing to know about Jack Cameau. If person go to the other country or ship in that time they need help, so that time anybody can understand that those person need some help and that time provide the help, without any language barriers. Also in the today’s era there are a several applications come for the distress signals that ideal for the Travellers. For the helping and come out to the dangerous.

Just as if the traveller need some help like do not know about the area of the country that application provide maps, also if need some helps to inform the family that the person in dangers and provide assistance and call to home and tell that person is need some helps. Therefore, distress signal has many uses for providing help in any dangers situation. You can know about benefits if you click for information in detail. It works for the many life saving and provides many helps to people come out of the dangers and provide all the help as possible, help to saving peoples and using without any languages barriers and saving the lives.