Top Thrilling Political Books To Be Read By All

Top Thrilling Political Books To Be Read By All

We all live in a democratic country where a group of some educated and learned people has made a team. This team has been mainly meant to ensure proper running of the country. Those people are also responsible for framing out some rules and regulations by which each and every citizen must abide. 

Politics in Democracy – A Must Element

Wherever there exists democracy, there will exist a group of some political parties. They are formed to rule the country in their own way hence giving rise to conflicts which goes on or decades. In order to get a little bit exposure to these activities and hold a brief idea, it is mandatory to go through some reputed conservative books which will prove to be of immense help.

Even politics has taken its place in academy as well. Many people go for pursuing Political Science as a subject in order to hold analogous posts. Only having limited language will not at all do! It is high time to go through some reputed political thriller books and include them as a part of curriculum. If you have chosen Political Science as your subject and looking forward to deepen the concept of politics, it is high time to brush up with some written works of prominent and reputed political figures.

Renowned Thrilling Written Pieces

Some of the most common thrilling written pieces include:

  • The Federalist Papers – Compiled by Alexander Hamilton, James Madison and John Jay; it is comprised of more than 85 collection of articles aiming at endorsement of the ratification of the Constitution of the United States. It is considered to be a classic in the exposition of the Constitution.
  • Democracy in America – Compiled by the French Philosopher Alexis de Tocqueville. This books is known to be looking at the American democracy through the eyes of a European in the 1800s.
  • The Republic – The Republic has been named as one of the best works of Plato. It had been written in the early 400 AD. It simply talks all about justice, forms of the government and the characteristics of just man as well as just city state.
  • The Politics – The Politics has been considered to be a great contribution from the side of Aristotle. This philosophical work regarded men as among natural political animals. It has fully discussed a wide range of political subjects which include citizenship, community, states and constitution.
  • Leviathan – The book through Thomas Hobbes had constructed social contract theory questioning the origin of a society. It also inquires about the legitimacy of the power of states over the citizens.
  • Nichomachean Ethics – Another valuable work by Aristotle, comprises of about ten books. It has also become an essential part of the medieval philosophy. If you go till the core, you will realize that it has attempted fully on “how should men best live”.
  • Animal Farm – A reputed novel by George Orwell has successfully been an allegory to the Russian revolution during the 1940s. In this book it has been clearly addressed the way revolution was corrupted through ignorance, apathy and self indulgence by the leaders.