How many of you know about Richard Warke

How many of you know about Richard Warke and his contribution in the area of global resource industry? Though his contribution is quite worthy of mentioning in this field of operation. Those regularly read or watch international business journal and news channel respectively must have came across his name and his contribution as this journals, magazines and news channel provides Richard Warke information a lot.

If you are really interested in resource industry then you can check the websites of the leading journals and magazines and also different news channels to collect information about Richard Warke. To those who are encountering the name for the first time must know that he is the man behind raising one billion from the equity market for the resource companies and has a strong foothold in the area of corporate finance and marketing especially in the global resource industry. Richard Warke has an experience in his field for more than twenty five years and he has got expertise in the area of oil and gas, mineral resource operations, technology, forestry and also in built up operations.

An Entrepreneur by himself and the founder of Augusta Group of companies and Wildcat Silver Corporation Richard Warke is the Chief Executive Chairman of Augusta Resource Corp. He was initially the Vice President of corporate development for Augusta Resource Corp from 2006 to 2008. Augusta Resource Corp is headquartered at Vancouver in Canada. He is also the Chief Executive Officer of Wildcat Silver Corporation from 2012. He is also the Chief Executive Officer of Riva Gold Corp from 2010 onwards. About Richard Warke it can be said that he has mastered the art of dealing in the resource industry around the world that is why his company Augusta is the hundred percent owner of the Rosemont project, which is a copper mining project in North America. Augusta Mining Corp. was formerly known as Hol- Lac Gold mine Limited changed its name in the year 1997 and has 30, 000 acres of patented and unpatented lands under the company which are all located in the areas of Pima country, Arizona of North America.

Wildcat Silver Corp on the other hand is a Canada based company which is dealing in the exploration of minerals and has a very high focus in the eighty percent owned project of Hermosa Silver- Manganese located in the area of Santa Cruz County of Arizona in North America. It has been estimated with the help of pre feasibility study that 12.2 million ounce of Silver and 110million pounds of electrolytic manganese will be produced in the first five years of the project. The Hermosa project is considered to be the largest producer of Silver and Electrolytic Manganese in North America. So, to collect Richard Warke information one can check the internet and learn more about him and about his companies that are really flourishing in the Global resource industry in the last few years. But it is always essential that one should check the prominent journal, magazines and business new channels’ websites as the will give all the authentic news about Richard Warke.