Family Mediation Turns Endings Into New Beginnings

Family mediation is a process in which divorced or separated couples work towards finding a resolution of a dispute between them. This dispute is usually in relation to children, finances of property. This process is a more convenient way to settle disputes as it takes place outside the courtroom. The biggest difference between family mediation and court proceedings is that a single person works for both parties so that there is no partiality.

This process is not restricted to disputes among divorces or separated couples. This process can also be used to solve disputes among parents and children, relatives and elders and also in cases of living arrangements and homelessness after divorce.

There is also no restriction on what can be discussed during the process as well. Something as trivial as who gets to keep the dog after separation can also be discussed during this process.

Though family mediation is not legally binding, it is a mutual agreement between both parties that wish to settle their dispute without having to go to court. Here, both parties agree on a resolution that they believe would serve their best interests. However, this agreement can be made legal by getting a solicitor to turn it into a legal document and then having a judge agree to the agreement made by both parties.

Importance and Benefits of Family Mediation:

One of the biggest advantages of opting for this process rather than court cases is that such processes eliminates the need of long court proceedings, waiting for a court date and then again waiting for the final verdict. The duration of this process depends on the subject and complexity of the dispute. Each session lasts for maximum an hour and a conclusion is drawn usually in six such sessions.

Moreover, resolution provided during family mediation works for both parties while court rulings may be favorable to only one party. This proves to be beneficial for both parties and they can decide the outcome of the process themselves.

Since the mediator works for both parties, it eliminates the chances of any partial decision or resolution. Moreover, since the mediator is not a lawyer, both parties can rest assure that they'll receive good service without legal advice. Such mediators have sound knowledge about divorce, family Milton Keynes collaborative law, separation, etc. and hence are capable of providing appropriate solutions to all related disputes.

Another great advantage of family mediation is that it is completely confidential, barring a few exceptions. Only when a child is assumed to be under a treat of criminal activities is the agreement of confidentiality null and void. In case this process fails to come up with a solution and the dispute has to be taken to court, any and everything said during Milton Keynes family mediation can only be revealed in court after permission is granted by both parties.


Family mediation also reduces the cost of solving disputes among divorced or separated couples. It also reduces stress and increases communication between both parties, leading to lesser chances of conflict.

I take many calls every day as a professional family mediator from people who are in situations that they never thought they would be in. As a mediator I come into contact with people who were once very happy in their lives and then suddenly an unexpected turn of events has led their life into an overwhelming downward spiral. How does this all happen you may ask? Let's look at a situation that I would typically deal with as Coventry family mediators.

You don't need to litigate your issues and keep on fighting in a court of Northampton collaborative law. You can resolve your disputes through online family mediation with a trained professional who will sit and listen to your individual goals and needs to move on with your life.

With online mediation the two divorcing parties don't even need to be in the same room. It is all through the web via iChat using a 6-way video communication platform. You can sign all of your documents online and then file the very next morning at the courthouse. With online family mediation your divorce can be settled in hours, not months or years. Listen to this video to hear me speak more about online family mediation and good luck moving forward with your lives.

Family mediation is becoming an increasingly popular way to resolve disagreements after the breakdown of a relationship. As an effective method of settling grievances without going through the courts, mediation is quick, confidential, and cost-effective.