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If you have been involved in an accident at work, you could claim compensation for any injury you have sustained. But how do you know if you are entitled to compensation? How much compensation will you be awarded? And what, exactly, does a compensation award cover? We take a closer look at these questions, helping you to understand the ins and outs of claiming compensation for a work accident.


Am I entitled to work accident compensation?

If you have been injured in a work accident that was not your fault, you will be able to make a compensation claim. This is the basis of all personal injury claims, whereby anyone harmed as a result of another person’s negligence is entitled to financial reward. Therefore if you have suffered injury because your employer failed to enforce a safe system of work, or because a colleague has acted incompetently, it will be possible to pursue legal action. Nevertheless, all work accidents vary, so it is best to ask a specialist personal injury solicitor for advice. This is easiest way to establish whether or not you are entitled to claim work accident compensation.


How much compensation will I be awarded?

If you do make a work injury claim which is successful, you will be given a sum of compensation. However, there is no set amount: all claims have a different set of circumstances, and so the compensation award will change from case to case. It will be up to your solicitor to suggest a figure to the other side. This should reflect the injuries you have sustained, and will be based upon factors such as:-


  • The severity of your injuries (physical and psychological);
  • The degree of pain and suffering you have experienced;
  • The impact your injuries have had (and will continue to have) on your life;
  • The finances you have lost as a direct result of your injuries.


What does the injury compensation cover?

The compensation settlement covers two different elements:-

  • To recompense for the pain, suffering and loss of amenity you have experienced because of your work accident. This is known as general damages.
  • To recover the acute financial loss you have incurred because of your work accident. For example, a loss of earnings and the expense of medical treatment. This is known as special damages.


How do I claim compensation for a work accident?

If you would like to claim compensation for an accident you have had at work, your first step should be to contact a legal expert as soon as possible.

Specialist personal injury solicitor solicitors  will be able to provide you with further information, suggesting whether or not you are entitled to compensation and, if so, how to proceed with your claim.


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