Website Value Estimation

Every entrepreneur and blogger puts a lot of efforts in making their website. Whether it is the content or the images, everyone wants that their website be checked out frequently by visitors and that it translates into better sales. If you are planning to involve another publishing partner or are looking to sell away your website, it is important to know the website worth so that you can quote the right amount. For this purpose, you can either choose to pursue the traditional approach or opt for online tools that help to calculate your website value for free based on a number of factors.

raditionally, in order to check the worth of your website, you would need to multiply the annual revenue for the nest 2-3 years and the results will be your benchmark for quoting your market price. This is the standard approach, but not very reliable at time.

On the other hand, if you are looking for a quick and easy way to find out the worth of your website you can opt for website value estimation services offered by online websites. These websites have the right tool to check the website worth and their estimations are fairly accurate. One of the highlights of these online tools is the fact that they are free of cost and can be operated easily by anyone with a basic knowledge of computers. You do not need to have any specialized skills for the same and mere info about the website is necessary.

There are a number of factors that these websites take into account before estimating the value of the website. These factors include;

Page Rank Value: When making estimation the PR value plays an important role to gauge its worth. Higher the PR, more the websites worth is.

Age of the Domain: Those domains which are old have more site value because Google places higher trust on older domains.

Visitors and Page Views: Higher the number of visitors and page views, higher is the worth f your website. This is because it clearly shows that the website is famous and therefore there are a large number of people visiting the website.

Alexa Ranking: Alexa ranking calculates the number of visitors to the website. This is a highly regarded ranking and therefore a higher ranking translates into more worth.

All the above factors and many more are taken into consideration before the statistics are posted regarding the website and its worth. You can read the statistics on the result page and accordingly quote your price.

The results of website value estimation services give you a fair idea of your site worth and they prove to be very useful to compare your sites worth with that of your competitor or to measure the trends. The estimation that you will receive will also help you quote the right market price.

While there are many such online websites offering valuation services, the best is that offers a comprehensive and accurate estimation of the site worth.