New Wallpaper Collections for the Fall of 2007

There has been a good batch of new wallpaper books hitting the market for the fall decorating season. You can see them online or at your local retailer. The run of the mill wallpaper suppliers are suffering but the upscale products are having a heyday.

Ashford House has just been resurrected by York Wallcoverings. They now have the exclusive rights to the brand. Eisenhart previously distributed the brand but they ceased doing business in the mid 2000's. If you can't get your hands on an actual sample book, go to the York website. This is a restricted book so you won't find it on the web except on Decorating Discount blinds Ashford House has always been a high quality brand. It has had a popular following. The fabric wallpaper coordination was universally praised. York Wallcoverings has not only maintained that high standard but actually "kicked it up a notch". The first pattern in the book feels like a surface print as you run your hand over it. But the implication that it might not hold up to wear is offset by the assurance that all the patterns are scrubbable and vinyl protected.

Another new restricted book that you need to feel to truly appreciate is Silver Leaf by Ronald Redding. Some of the patterns have the feed of glitter glued to the surface. You think they may be very small diamonds? Of course not. The prices are not that high. Just somewhat higher than the standard high quality paper.

But the thousand dollar Cypress Garden Mural is worth every penny. It is larger than a 9 by 12 rug and the way it is designed you can expand it to form a continuous room panoramic. Again, you have to feel the pattern to appreciate it. I suggest you get a sample, if you are interested in the truly top of the line mural. Decorating Discount features products that have been restricted from being on the internet by using a password protected firewall to keep out the internet public. Getting a password is simple and quick as long as you fit into one of the categories that qualify.

Go through the house and check things that you would not normally look at on a day-to-day basis, such as paintwork. Deal with any chips or cracks and make sure it is clean. Clean your windows inside and make sure curtains and blinds Kent are presentable.

Neaten any exposed household wires with a cable tidy as these can really spoil the look of a living space. If you have pets remember that viewers may not share your love for your four legged friends so put the cat out and get someone to look after your dog whilst viewings are taking place. Finally, make sure everything is sparkling clean, all the washing up is done and put away, and add some fresh flowers for that final touch. If you follow all these simple guidelines then you will have the best possible chance of making a quick sale, and of achieving your asking price!

If you want to dress to impress then you should not only focus on the outfit that you are going to wear. Making sure that the shoes that you are planning to use is clean and shiny is also really important. What good will it be if you look stunning but the shoes that you are wearing is dusty and dull. Thankfully, using some shoe polish on it will definitely do the trick. Shoe polish can make your shoes look just like new in just a matter of minutes and it doesn't cost a lot of money too. Whenever you are using shoe polish though it is important to be careful as you never want to accidentally get some of it on your furniture, clothes, or worse yet on your rugs at home. If you have unfortunately gotten shoe polish on your rugs though you should not throw it out in frustration. There is a way that you can get your rug back to normal by following the correct steps to clean up the mess. Try to follow the guide below and you'll surely have your rug spic n' span in a jiffy.