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For starters, KIA happens to be the oldest manufacturer of car in South Korea. It s inception began in the year 1944 when they started producing bicycles and steel pipes.


The company was initially names Kyunsung Precision Industy. In 1952, however the name was changed to KIA motors when the production of cars, trucks and motorcycles began. Cooperation with the Ford in the year 1986 resulted in the production of domestic consumption vehicles and exportation. After getting bankrupt because of the Asian financial crisis in the year of 1997, the company was taken over by their rivals Hyundai Motor Company. And now we can see how KIA is one rapidly growing car manufacturer in countries like U.K and Europe. Statistics show that the sales of KIA reached more than one million worldwide in 2008. Now talking about buying Kia cars, if you are within a limited budget and want to purchases cars here is a brief about them. Purchasing used cars is a good choice that is constricted within a limited budget. We at Bairel KIA Pittsburgh deal with KIA cars and offer crazy great prices.


This may be regarded as the best deals of Pittsburgh kia cars. Primary manufacturer is KIA, although others consist of Pontiac, Dodge, Mazda, Ford, Jeep, Nissan etc. The highlighted vehicles of our inventories are Kia Optima, Kia sorento, Kia Sedona, Kia sportage, Kia Forte, Kia soul and amongst others they are Jeep Compass, Pontiac G6, Mazda 3, Jeep Grand Cherokee etc. However if you are keen of buying within a constrained budget Kia Sedona, Kia Rondo & Kia Picanto may be the best choices for you. As for Kia Sedona, it is a big family car which can accommodate up to nine passengers. The car has a 2497 cc inline 6 Cylinder and two types of transmissions. For the model Kia Sondo, a type of midsize SUV, which falls short of an original SUV though, has the features and advantages similar to that of an SUV.


This vehicle is often categorized as a multi-purposed vehicle. Kia rondo is sold as KIA Carens outside the continents of North America and Australia. Powered with a 2399 cc inline 4-cylinder and with automatic transmission 4-speed abilities. Here in Pittsburgh kia dealership, there are Kia cars available for every budget. Consider KIA Picanto also known by the name KIA morning, a very small sized car which can accommodate four passengers to maximum and is known to be quite efficient with regard to gas mileage.


The brand has developed itself over the years and continuously innovated and developed. The most amazing feature is that dealers supply cars both high end and low end. While the choices are extremely diverse it suits the needs for every economic class and even for those who prefer style and elegance above everything. For road journeys to the city roads, cars are available for everyone. Moreover customers can also choose from an array of used kia Pittsburgh cars. So before buying just consider two aspects – your financial capabilities and the model that will suit your needs.