Different Kinds Of Security Services Australia

Over the years, security services have evolved. An industry that once was confined to ‘manning the gate’ or protecting a high net individual has grown to managing crowds, securing events, and patrolling residential and commercial complexes. Today, security personnel are an omnipresent and necessary aspect of urban life. You can spot them at establishments, offices, commercial buildings, and retail shops.

Changing With The Times

With multiple avenues opening up for the industry, security services have had to adapt and change as well. The firms and agencies look for personnel who have the intelligence and training to prevent a situation rather than tackle a situation. Factors such as knowledge of protocols, communication skills, and leadership skills are now being preferred over brawn and buff.

The Different Kinds Of Security Services

To meet the varied requirements of the clients, Security Services in security companies Melbourne enlist personnel with specific skill sets for a particular vertical. Some of these verticals include:

Armed Personnel

Sometimes referred to as the old school of security, armed security guards Melbourne are used to secure high-net individuals and high-net properties. Guards used for these services are trained specifically in the use of firearms and possess a license. This particular vertical deals with high-risk situations linked to burglary, violence, and arson.

Corporate Security

A vertical this is fast becoming one of the major security services. Corporate security involves three aspects: One is the protection of the physical property. Security personnel need to scan and survey employees and guests who enter and exit the premise. Second, guards should be alert to any risk to that could affect a corporate most precious asset: Its people. The third aspect involves protecting intelligence and technological assets of a corporate establishment. Such assets include innovations, products, formulas, and ideas. Corporate security covers not only corporations and bug businesses, it also includes hospitals, retail malls, and factories.

Residential Security

One of the security verticals that test the physical and mental skills of security personnel. Residential security covers various aspects of security services: monitoring the building’s reception, patrolling the complex, detecting suspicious behaviour, and establishing a polite relationship with residents. The vertical covers stand-alone buildings, apartment complexes, and even elderly homes.  

Digital Alarms

When we live in a digital age, can major security services be without a digital counterpart. Step in alarm monitoring.  Digital alarms are not a new phenomenon, but their wireless and hybrid versions are. What took a countless number of wires now takes a single battery operated device. The new alarms are easy to use and highly effective. Alarm monitoring is a great security option for people who may not have the budget to afford a security guard.

Tailor Made Security

Security services are entering a phase where clients are on the lookout for personalized services from the agencies. Apart from the verticals mentioned above, there is a growing demand for specialised sectors such as private and public events, bank security, mobile patrol, event security and vault security, and bodyguards to name a few.